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I am sure if you follow a number of sewing blogs (as I do) you will be well aware of the Blog Hop going on. I have been nominated by the lovely Debbie of Lily Sage & Co to share with you my responses before making my own nominations. If you don’t follow Debbie already, go and check her blog out, she is super prolific, uses gorgeous fabrics and makes some super styling outfits for both herself and her kids. Her style is unique and she is not afraid to try new things, also she really knows how to rock a two piece setacular!!

Lily Sage & Co

Why do I write?

I started my blog about two and a half years ago after having made a Burdastyle dress with loads of fit issues. I googled after making the dress and came across several blogs which described fitting issues similar to mine. I thought “wow, there is a whole world of sewing blogs out here, I want one!”. So I started my own, with no idea what the intention was, except to chat about my sewing to anyone who might listen and for me to have a bit of a record of what I was making and any modifications I had made, what worked and what didn’t. I also wanted to have a record for myself of just what I was making and finishing as I used to have a habit of not finishing things off, they would get to a point and then I would just abandon them. I suspect part of the reason was not addressing fit issues.

Now I write because I love the sewing blogging world and the friends I have made. Who would have thought that such good friends would come out of the internet? The sewing world for the most part is very supportive and friendly and I just love being part of this world.


What am I working on?

Right now I have nothing on the go, but my head is super busy planning. I have just got back from another skating judging trip and was painfully aware of some gaps in my wardrobe. I need some more dressy but warm clothes for judging, a merino Kielo Dress like Nicki’s one would be perfect but in black, I also need a new black blazer. As a judge is is important that I be unobtrusive and wear dark colours. Although I have to say, it is hard to get motivated to sew black things, I really do prefer to work with colour!

As the weather here in Brisbane has just started to heat up (today is 32 degrees Celsius, I am dreading summer) I am now thinking of summer dresses and fun, funky bike pants to go under them. I have been biking to work and need to avoid the undie flash – also they have the added bonus of stopping the dreaded rub together those of us without a thigh gap suffer!

How does my blog differ from others?

I am not sure that it does really. I just like to share my makes, the good and the bad (luckily I don’t have too many mega fails) so that others can see what works, what doesn’t and hopefully inspire some ideas. I like to try new patterns and have a constantly growing collection of new and vintage patterns (really need to sew some more of the vintage patterns). At the moment I am playing a little game with myself where I alternate between one new pattern and one TNT. This has been quite fun and is helping me get through some patterns. In the interests of not hoarding I plan to get rid of any that don’t work.

I suppose one difference may be that I travel a lot. I am fortunate to have at least two overseas trips each year, I do try to share any fabric shopping tips and will set up a separate tab on my blog detailing the places I like to shop when I travel to different cities.


How does my writing process work?

I just sit and write. Sounds odd I know, but after I finish a garment, I eventually get around to photographing it. This is always the hard part, I often just start wearing the garment and forget to blog it. No big deal really, but if it is something new, I do like to share. Currently I have a backlog of garments to be photographed but it is too hot to wear them!! I might just have to suck it up and get it done!!

Once I have the photos, I cull them to find a few that show the garment properly. From there I just start writing. It all just comes out of my head with no planning at all (that’s how I roll), I write like I think. I go off track, come back, random thoughts etc. I then re-read it to see if it kinda makes sense and then I hit post! Done!

Sometimes I write up a post in my lunch hour, sometimes at night in front of the tellie. I write whenever the mood takes me and when I have something to share. Β I don’t have a set schedule or a plan of posts.


As far as nominations go, I am struggling, having just been away I am still catching up on blog reading (only 104 posts to go at last count) and I don’t know who has done it and who hasn’t. Anyone want to put their hand up??

11 thoughts on “Hop along Lizzie

  1. So true, I think the blogging process does mean that we actually ‘finish’ things. I have been wondering if the writing process in some way helps our thought & problem solving processes too.
    So true, how funny that we start blogging in isolation to a degree & end up part of a massive supportive community. What better lives we have for it πŸ™‚ xo

    1. I think you are right that the blogging helps the completion of the process. It also helps me improve the quality, I used to be more ‘slapdash’ than I am now. I focus more on fit and take less shortcuts πŸ™‚

    1. I definitely have met a lot of bloggers in different locations and feel so fortunate to have met so many wonderful people.
      I still can’t believe that day we ran into one another at H&M, of all the places in Manhattan and we happened to be in the same place at the same time. I loved meeting you and hope to be able to meet again sometime. There is a competition in Dumfries (is that near-ish?) each year that I am hoping to attend one day!

  2. I want those teal shoes! curse my teeny tiny feet and not being able to fit them. Am so glad you decided to want “in” with the sewing blogs because that’s how we met and that is AWESOME!

    Also who wants to sew black when there are all those pretty colours and prints to be played with? it’s a good thing you need the dark clothes, if t was me it’d never happen!

    1. Hmmm, your teeny feet may fit, I only wear a 37 πŸ™‚ do I need to keep an eye on them??
      I love that we have met, like instant besties! I love that we can chat about all things including the best way of grading a pattern πŸ˜‰

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