Simplicity 1660

For real, this is my new favourite-ist (who says I can’t invent words) top ever! No lie, I have worn it twice this week already and plan on wearing it tomorrow!

Simplicity 1660

The pattern is Simplicity 1660, another ugly duckling pattern. An uninspiring pattern envelope, but looking past the blue chiffon and yellow georgette to the line drawings, has some really nice detail.

Simplicity 1660

Using a rayon I made View B in a straight medium with no pattern alterations.  I was happy with the sizing and the result of the fit. This pattern goes up to a 48″ bust, and even has what I presume is a plus-size model on the envelope (she doesn’t look plus-sized IMO).

Simplicity 1660

The instructions are clear and well illustrated and the only time I deviated from them was with the front neckband. The instructions have you sew the front neckband to enable the bottom of the band to float free. I instead folded it with the hem which, oddly, is exactly the same way as it is constructed on the pattern envelope. Mostly I did this as being a shorty I thought I would need to shorten it (I didn’t). I think my method of construction makes the pleat sit better and stops it flapping about.

Simplicity 1660

This is definitely a new favourite. The pattern has enough to keep it interesting but is quick and straightforward to construct. I love how well it works with skinny jeans and it layers well too. *Spoiler alert* it’s coming up soon in a jacket post!

Simplicity 1660

I love the rayon to wear, it is cool and floaty, great on a hot day. The only downside is the creasing. In the interests of keeping it real (or perhaps I had just driven and worn a seatbelt) you can see how it wears and the wrinkles. I don’t mind that so much, it is too comfortable for me to care. Of course this would not be so noticeable in a different fabric, one with a bit of polyester perhaps or a pattern to disguise it. The pattern envelope also recommends a lightweight jersey but I am not confident that would hold the pleat well.

The only warning I have is that being so loose fitted, when you bend over the neck can gape and onlookers could potentially glimpse your lady cargo!!  I recommend either crouching or a don’t care attitude.  Lacking the required decorum, I have gone with the latter.

Don’t you just love it when you find a winner of a pattern that works with no tweaking? Instant TNT for the win!

Pattern – Simplicity 1660
Fabric – 1.4m rayon from Spotlight
Notions – thread

39 thoughts on “Simplicity 1660

  1. This is one of the best reasons for reading some sewing blogs! I would never have looked twice at that pattern, but now that I’ve seen yours I can really see the potential. Looks like one for next summer for me!

  2. Hi I have just stumbled upon your blog and I am really enjoying reading through all of your old posts! I agree I have seen this pattern before and it never jumped out at me. I have a piece of liberty that I think would look great sewn up in this pattern 🙂

    1. Thanks Julie, nice to meet you! My only caution with making this up is choose a fabric with a reasonable weight. I used a silk cotton for a second version (blog post soon) and it didn’t fall nearly as well

  3. Great top Liz and it looks really nice on you. I think I saw you wearing this in your Japan photos and I thought it was the Liesil And Co ‘Weekend’ top. Well done Liz and Simplicity!!

  4. gosh, this is really lovely. Simple but elegant. Although possibly less elegant if you flash your lady cargo (must get that phrase in general circulation, it’s genius) I also thought it was the weekend blouse!

  5. You nailed it- a soft color and fabric really makes the details and lines pop on this. That envelope does give it the raging ‘mehs’ glad you brought it to peoples attention. Another save!

    1. Ha – raging ‘mehs’! I am going to store that up for later!!
      I just love the drapiness of this pattern, I just feel so summery in it. I want several in my wardrobe and have no doubt this will be rectified soon!!

  6. I very nearly brought this pattern myself the other day (Jaycotts sale) but, after “accidentally” placing about 10 patterns in my basket and realising I had to cut down, didn’t end up buying it. But after seeing your version it’s definitely going back on my wanted list! This version is gorgeous and your fabric choice just perfect. Well done! Xx

  7. Ok I would never pick this pattern up based on the cover but after seeing your version I want it! I love a floaty top and the neckband is the perfect detail to dress this up. Love it!

  8. I have this pattern and like you, was uninspired by it. It COMES ALIVE on you, girl! And, selfishly, this is a win for me, too because I have just discovered you and we are built similarly (short and curvy) which means I am seeing how this top would look on ME! I am so happy for us!

    Nice to meet you, dear. You’re beautiful. I’m Najah. A new, enthusiastic follower and fan.

    1. Thanks Najah – so nice to meet you too. Glad I could help you find another pattern for your stash 🙂
      I love your plaid dress, and I really like how you styled it with cardi and boots. Great look!

  9. I’ve been looking forward to you blogging this! After seeing it at breakfast after frocktails – it looks great in the photos but even better in real life 🙂 I just love the elegant simplicity of it, and the way the fabric folds over around the neckline and centre front seam. Definitely a winner in my book 🙂

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