Simplicity 1419

Gosh I am doing so well with imaginative blog titles huh?

Today I am sharing with you a new jacket that I feel Simplicity is trying to keep secret. The pattern is, of couse, Simplicity 1419, where the pattern envelope is all about the dress. The jacket gets relegated to a drawing off to the side like it doesn’t matter, like its design is not worthy of being made into a real garment. Well I am here to make that little jacket feel better, it does matter and it is a winner of a pattern.

Simplicity 1419

Really, how could it go wrong? A simple unlined jacket with a a frill on the bottom – how cute is that?!

I used a navy cotton sateen with a small amount of stretch and made the pattern in a straight size 14 with no alterations to the pattern.  I might normally do an FBA, but I figured that as it is worn open and doesn’t have a closure it wouldn’t be an issue and luckily it wasn’t.  Next time though I would shorten it by about an inch as the top of the frill is probably supposed to line up closer to my waist.

Simplicity 1419
This is supposed to show you the binding but really just shows you how cat hair gets on everything!

There is a facing (is anyone a fan of facings?) but I can attest that it does stay to the inside and isn’t one of those annoying ones that needs tacking down everywhere!  I edged mine with a beautiful bias I have had in the stash forever.

Simplicity 1419

I was nervous that the frill might look junior or cheapen the whole look, but I am super happy with it and have worn the jacket a lot since finishing it a month or so ago.  I’m loving wearing this jacket with my Simplicity 1660 top and a pair of jeans for those days when jeans are my item of choice. They are my go to item when the weather is changeable and kind of in between seasons.

On a side note, we have had so many weird in between days lately, too hot for a dress with tights but not warm enough for a dress without tights. During the day is lovely but the mornings and home time are a little chilly, and I must admit to being a bit of a wuss with the cold weather!

Simplicity 1419

Further side note, have I shared with you my new love of the colour navy? For years and years I have avoided it after wearing a dark navy jumper one day and someone asked me “are you ok, do you need to sit down? You look awful.” I felt fine and realised the colour just didn’t suit me. Now I realise that was the dark navy, almost an ink colour and that a lighter navy is fine on my skin tone. In fact it is actually so good I am gravitating to it over my previous favourite black.

Simplicity 1419

I don’t have too much more to say about the jacket as I just sewed it up “as is”. The instructions were good and I don’t remember deviating from them at all (sorry, I didn’t write notes but that normally means there were no issues). The fit is pretty good, although perhaps a little roomy across the back, on the flipside the extra room makes it perfect for layering. I think this is a really flattering jacket, it’s not too boxy and the frill highlights the waist.

Simplicity 1419

So what you think?  Not too cute-sy?  Do you know of any other “secret” patterns out there that lurk within another, just waiting like treasure to be dug up??

38 thoughts on “Simplicity 1419

  1. Hi, Just found your blog after googling Anna’s!
    Love this jacket, I should have taken centre stage on the envelope!
    I’m into jackets at the minute, but a bit chilly in the UK for this one at the minute, but will pin it for next spring

  2. I love your jacket! Simplicity 1419 has actually been on my ‘to-sew’ list for yonks; I think it would look great in a black cotton drill. And blerg for the in-between weather. Either be hot or cold, not both in one day!

    1. It would look good in black, I find drill a bit prone to creasing, although the sateen does it too. I think it would be nice in a ponte. Agree on the weather, today is hot and a heat wave is coming in the next few days – phew!

  3. Love this little jacket (I confess I have a jacket fetish!). I’m completely on Team
    Navy. It’s much kinder to the complexion.
    This pattern envelope reminds me of the Passport dress, Lisette, which has cute darts but is hidden on the pattern envelope! Must be a Simplicity thing. They bury the gold!!

  4. This is so cute on you! It’s a bit too girly for me, but just right for you! I like this shade of navy on you- as you said, it really looks nice with your complexion. I like a facing, actually. They give a nice amount of structure to garments. I used to hate them, but now that I’ve been sewing longer and am more accurate, I prefer them to bindings or lining to the edge.

  5. This is a great jacket, and I agree, it’s a bit hidden in that pattern which is a shame as the dress it comes with is also cute. I’m the same with cat hair, I have a navy dress and the slightly rough fabric texture makes cat hairs stick like crazy to it!

  6. Its a gorgeous, feminine jacket. I love your secret floral seam binding.
    It is strange that pattern companies hide some of their best patterns, in the Burda magazine they will have a really cute skirt, with piecing, hem details, etc, etc, then show it worn under a long flowy shirt with the model sitting down so that you can see a whole 2cm of the skirt – Why? I think learning to look at the technical drawings when you buy a pattern is a useful sewing skill!

    1. Don’t get me started on Burda, the amount of times the model is sitting down or wearing a coat over the dress/blouse so you can’t see the details. I am a big fan of Burda but not their styling or photos.

  7. It’s really cute!i’ve eyed up that pattern before, but I wasn’t sure how the ruffle would work out. Looks great on you though. I like how it’s like a less boxy BHL Victoria Blazer!

  8. I really like this! It seems like a great lightweight jacket, and the shape is so cute. And I like facings! They go well with the Texas heat. I don’t mind spending extra time to tack them down if it helps keep me cool!

  9. Ah cats! I’m still finding fluff from one we minded over a year ago.

    Love the shape of this jacket…and unlined it seems quite an easy make (or am I being foolish)?

    1. Aah kitty fluff it is everywhere – still he is adorable and I don’t care!!
      It is an easy make – I think you would enjoy it, there is no tricky shaping and the fit is easy too. Using sateen means there is some give and the fit is even more forgiving

  10. I love your jacket! Interesting lines, but not too junior at all. New Look patterns often have hidden gems, too. I also really like the white top from your last post. I have the pattern, but I had not considered how good it would look with skinny jeans:)

    1. Thanks Angela, both are winning patterns. I’ll have to look at New Look – their presentation is always so average, but I have had some luck by analyzing the line drawings

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