Flora Hack aka Another Dolly Clackett Dress

It’s time for a new dress! Summer is well and truly on the way. Already every day this week has been over 30°C/86°F and we still have over a month until it is officially summer – eek. This heat has made me re-think my whole wardrobe – does anyone else do this everytime there is a season change, or is it just me??

Flora M6503 Hack

I have had this Japanese Tana Lawn in my stash since last year waiting to make a sundress. The bodice is the BHL Flora and the skirt is McCalls 6503.

Flora M6503 Hack

My previous Flora had some gaping issues at the bust so this time I rotated out the excess to the waist dart and am so much happier with the fit this time around. I also lowered

Flora M6503 Hack

I am still not 100% sure this is the most flattering look for me as I probably suit a lower neckline. But, do you know what? I like the dress and if my lady cargo has attention drawn to it, well what’s new?!

I know there is a little wrinkling under the bust, but I do like a little space in case I have a food baby. I could also take a touch off the bodice length, however it is not wrinkly all the time so perhaps I am just slouching! Whatevs, that is just being super (and probably un-necessarily) critical.

Flora M6503 Hack

For the skirt, I didn’t have enough fabric to even consider using Flora skirt, but I also didn’t want a super full skirt either. I chose M6503 as I like the double pleats and the gentle fullness of the A-line shape, it was nice to not have to be fearful of the wind when taking these pictures (don’t want to give the pelicans a show now do I?!).

Flora M6503 Hack

I feel I am definitely channeling some Dolly Clackett styling – not only is it a Flora hack and it has little Eiffel Towers on it!

Have you just experienced a big season change that has influenced all your sewing plans? I am all over the place with plans and ideas at the moment and overflowing with inspiration. Next on the sewing agenda, a dress for Brisbane Frocktails!

21 thoughts on “Flora Hack aka Another Dolly Clackett Dress

  1. I like this bodice on you. In the pictures the neckline doesn’t look that high. I often get wrinkles under my lady cargo and have yet to find a way to manage it. That skirt is a great shape too.
    Well done.
    I also have to completely reshuffle my wardrobe at the change of season. I just don’t like my wardrobe being cluttered with things that I can’t wear. I like having fewer things to search through when getting dressed.
    You’re not alone 🙂

    1. Thanks. Normally I would curve the darts under the bust to avoid this, but this time didn’t for some reason.
      I have just gone through the re-shuffle – it’s quite cathartic – a good time to re-evaluate

  2. I like this pattern mashup a lot! Great combo! Since the weather is getting cooler here, I’m looking at my closet full of crazy, bright, lightweight dresses and just groaning. I’ve made a couple of sweater-knit pullovers to fill in gaps, but I need a few buttondowns and maybe a blazer before I’ll feel prepared for a new season!

    1. I really want to try the Linden sweater – loving raglan sleeves and it such a cute way to colour block too. I love you in a buttondown too – reminds me, I really must try that Archer 🙂

  3. Eiffel towers?! Awesome! I think the shape looks great on you… My eyes were NOT immediately drawn to your lady cargo! 😉 Your beach pictures look lovely also… my wardrobe never changes. We don’t get cold enough to pull out the winter stuff. :/ Last winter was a warm one and I didn’t even get to wear a coat! Hopefully this year I can!

    1. I saw on your blog you are in San Diego – I was there last year and froze!! I even had to buy a coat whilst I was there, that wind is crazy!! You are obviously lots tougher than me!! 🙂

  4. I agree with Simplefibrelife above – I think this neckline works really nicely on you. Excellent pattern mashup and of course I love the Eiffel Towers! I’m also very envious of your beautiful beach shots. Nice work all round! x

    1. Thanks! I have had this fabric for about 2 years now, finally the right pattern for it. I am loving this dress, the more I wear it, the more I love it.
      I’m milking the beach while I can, I won’t be here for too much longer

  5. I love it! I agree with the others, the neckline doesn’t look to high at all. It probably just feels high on because your not used to it. I think it looks great! Can’t wait to see what you make for frocktails.

  6. Beautiful work! I think that bodice is actually really flattering on you. I wasn’t keen on making it for myself, being a fellow Booberella, but you’ve made me rethink my decision. And boo to 30C days, it’s been 15 in Victoria this week!

  7. Now you’re teasing us with these beach shots! Not fair.

    Dress looks perfect summer – looks nice and cool, and think we’re going to need that judging by what Spring has been like so far. Blergh!

    1. Hehe – gotta use what I can, super spoilt up here for locales! Spring has been stupid hot and humid too – Summer is going to be nuts I think. Roll on more summer dresses!

  8. Gorgeous fabric and I actually really like the neckline on you! haha, I think only people like yourself who live in crazy summer land have to freak out about how their wardrobe will fit in with the heat… I just remember to take a cardi or a coat everywhere I go and I’m sorted 😛 The lovely sun-drenched photos you’ve got here do make me a wee bit jealous, though! x

    1. I love crazy summer land! Don’t get me wrong, I love Melbourne, but not sure I could live there, I’d probably get hypothermia! (yep wussy kiwi here)
      The sun up here is crazy though, I can only take pics early in the morning or late afternoon otherwise it is too bright and harsh. These were at about 7am!

  9. We are finally getting into boots and jeans weather, and I am definitely feeling the pull towards making cozy tunics. However, it is crazy hot here in the summer, so I understand where you are coming from. Maxi dresses are my favorite summer wear. I love the Dolly Clackett look – your dress is gorgeous! – but I am not curvy in the least (think brick-shaped), so shift type dresses seem to suit me best.

    1. Mmmm boots and jeans, I love them too!
      Where do you live that is also crazy hot? I couldn’t tell from your blog. BTW – I love your Vogue 1390, how effective are those pleats? Nice job 🙂

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