My polka dot obsession aka V8766

It’s no secret to anyone that I like polka dots, in fact I went out the other day in this dress, polka dot shoes and my phone cover is polka dot also. Obsessed much? They make me happy, end of story.


So of course it goes without saying when I found a polka dot cotton in navy (my new favourite neutral) but with pale blue, white and red polka dots I snapped it up. It was such a dreary day that day in Montmartre, raining, depressing and no good for a tourist in Paris. I just knew this would cheer me up!


The pattern is Vogue 8766, a dress pattern with a simple four dart and options of sleeves, sleeveless and spaghetti straps.


I did my usual FBA, narrow shoulder adjustment, took it up an inch at the shoulders and shortened the waist. All normal adjustments for my short frame. I also lowered the neckline by approximately 1.5″ as I find this more flattering. I eyeballed this on the fabric so can’t be exact (oops forgot to transfer it back to my pattern).


This fabric was a super wide 150cm, unusual for a cotton so I was pleased to be able to get a full circle skirt out of it. Normally I’m a bit cheap with fabric and only buy enough for a pleated or dirndl skirt (old habits die hard).


I love the swooshiness of the circle skirt, but I have to say it certainly is not weather friendly right now. We have been getting some crazy wind of late and this has serious flasher potential!!


Now I am not sure if you would call this lazy or genius, but I made the entire dress on my machine. I attached the bodice lining using the Cambie lining technique, I then used stitch in the ditch at the waist to catch the lining down at the waist.

This pattern is a great simple one to use when you want to let the fabric do the talking, it is straightforward to construct, and fully lined so has a great clean finish. I will make more of these bodices, but the full circle skirt won’t happen too often as I don’t find it so great for every day wear. I can definitely see the bodice working with my beloved M6503 skirt.

Polka dots FTW!!

36 thoughts on “My polka dot obsession aka V8766

  1. Polka dots sure do suit you! This as always is a beautiful dress. I’m going to have to try out this cambie method of attaching lining. It sounds like a winner!

  2. Beautiful dress, simple and cheerful. But I know what you mean by “serious flasher potential”. On the platform, when the subway arrives, you can entertain a full wagon… I’ve been there!

      1. I still have such trouble buying more than I need. If the pattern says 2m, the tight arse in me says “nah 1.7 will do!”, then I have to spend ages playing pattern tetris, why won’t I learn?!

  3. I love this! Great colour, pattern AND shape! Thanks for the link to Tasia’s lining technique. Although I enjoy handstitching it’s great to know a quicker alternative in case I’m in a rush!

  4. Lizzie, This is such a cute dress. The fabric is wonderful and the shape of the dress is so flattering.
    I’ve got me a big case of polka dot dress envy.
    What a great way to catch the lining at the waist. I usually hand stitch, but I have to try stitching in the ditch next time.

  5. A gorgeous dress. I like circle skirts, I think they show off the fabric so well and are terrific at enhancing a curvy figure. Also a good excuse for a very cute petticoat not in a circle cut, so any flashing is not of the risky variety.

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