Sack, new religion or just comfortable? AKA Tessuti Pia Dress

I finished this dress last Friday – just before finishing the sleeves, neck and hem, I tried it on – first thing my darling hubby says “you know, if it was grey, you’d look Amish”. Hmmm…so not a fan then?

Tessuti Pia Dress

Anyway I persevered, took the back seam in by an inch, took 5″ off the length and now he thinks “it looks very comfy”. A step up, but obviously not his favourite.

I like it. I like the art teacher/bohemian look of it – and he’s right about one thing, it’s damn comfy!

Tessuti Pia Dress

The pattern (if you didn’t read my title) is the Pia Dress from Tessuti. A very new silhouette for me, but something that I thought might be suitable for my current living situation near the beach. It has also been stupidly hot and humid lately. The atmosphere has been heavy and revolting, the last thing I feel like wearing is my usual fit and flare dresses…I figured nude wasn’t really an option.

WARNING – if you print this on A4, be prepared to waste a lot of paper!! The total printout is 69 pages. If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, for some reason the XS and S back pieces are not nested within the other sizes (even though the front is). So depending on what size you need, you are wasting 15 or so pages for the back size you don’t need. On top of that are two sheets labelled “Sheet 1” and “Sheet 2” that seem completely pointless.ย All up I had 18 pages that I binned – what a waste! This could be much better optimized – something to think about Tessuti in this environmentally friendly world we are trying to create!!

Tessuti Pia Dress

The instructions also use Tearaway Vilene for the armholes and neck opening – I didn’t have this but am confident my stay stitching is fine and there is no stretching.

I used a lovely soft double gauze bought on my recent trip to Japan. This stuff is amazing, it feels like it should be used to make baby clothes. I love wearing it and wish I had bought more. I do have one more piece in a light chambray colour with white polka dots – seriously considering making another Pia Dress with it.

Tessuti Pia Dress

Size-wise this pattern is from an XS-XL. Based on my measurements, I cut the front in a medium in the shoulders grading out to a large in the hips. The back I cut a medium. Originally I omitted the centre back seam, but on trying it on it was too big, so I added a seam to take out the excess, so I guess the back ended up being a size small. Lengthwise the original pattern came to my ankles, I ended up taking it up by approximately 5″, I am only 5’2″.

Tessuti Pia Dress

There aren’t many seams or any closures so it is a pretty quick make (I made it last Friday nightย after dinner). I followed the instructions which seemed quite clear. The pockets are constructed kind of oddly I am guessing due to each of the pieces being a different size, but in retrospect I am not sure why they weren’t constructed similar to aย side pocket on a dress. The process seemed more long-winded and confusing than necessary – anyone else found this?

This was my first Tessuti pattern and I have to say I am a little on the fence. I love their concepts and they do offer different shapes than what is out there generally, however I really think they need to think a little more about the pattern layout and conserve more paper. I don’t know anyone who likes sticking PDFs together – the less pages the better!

Tessuti Pia Dress

I find the fastest way is to use a glue stick, it works really well for those patterns with a 1″ margin around the page, and the glue lasts too. I also use a guillotine to cut the margins off several pages at once. I also don’t trace my patterns. Anyone got any other PDF tips?

Side note – the gorgeous necklace I am wearing was a present from the also gorgeous Lizzy

53 thoughts on “Sack, new religion or just comfortable? AKA Tessuti Pia Dress

  1. Ha, gotta love those honest partner comments! Mine is the same ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it looks perfect for your weather, beautifully breezy, and I love the idea of the double gauze. I’ve never sewn with it before, maybe this year I will. It’s not the kind of dress for a formal occasion, evidently, but it looks ideal for the beach and for casual wear. I wish I had the need for such a dress in Scotland!

  2. Looks like the perfect dress for hot and humid Oz and I like this different shape on you. After all, sewing is a great way to have a bit of a play with what we wear isn’t it?

  3. Totally stealing your idea of using glue on PDFs. Now that you’ve said it I can believe I’ve never thought of it. Thanks. And that’s a perfect comfy sundress

  4. I really like this on you (and the necklace of course), my husband has the same reaction to sack dresses!
    Fret not about your lack of double gauze, Miss Matatabi has it on Etsy & her postage is very reasonable. Just sayin’

    1. Oops & forgot to mention, I think these aren’t true sack dresses. Yes they are roomy, however they fit across the shoulders, back & upper bust so they aren’t swimming on you.

  5. That fabric is gorgeous… I’ve made a few Tessuti patterns and highly recommend the ‘print at copy shop’ option – you can just take the file into Officeworks and they print it onto A0 for next to nothing – maybe $2 or $3? They’re much easier to work with and store, too – I wish all downloadable patterns had that option.

    1. Unfortunately I was gifted this and didn’t have the copy option. Also my nearest Officeworks is currently 40 minutes away. I do like the copy shop option though, even if my last one cost me $16 – $4/page!!

  6. Men dont understand fashion… i think loose fitting garment specially. Having the beach and the super hot weather is challenging your style by making you try different things and thats fab. I think you look lovely and I’m very jel of the beach right nowj

  7. Nah, Amish ladies never show that much arm! Sleeves to the elbow, at least! My parents live in an Amish community so you can believe me over your husband. ๐Ÿ™‚ I really like this look! I think it’s modern and chic! I totally wanted to make it until I read how many pages the PDF is. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Good to know – I will pass that on to hubby ๐Ÿ™‚
      I believe the pattern now comes with a print at copy shop option which would be much better – you would totally rock this look! Kind of reminds me of the turquoise linen dress you have (although not as roomy)

  8. Ha ha men! They always make the funniest comments. I have made a few tessuti patterns and thankfully they aren’t all this wasteful on paper. 69 pages is a bit extreme!

  9. I have this ready to make, but the printing has put me off so I’m waiting til I can get to Officeworks to print it. I think it looks very comfy and perfect for hot days!

  10. I really like this silhouette on you! You do it well. And like you say – perfect for heavy humid weather. I really love the look of the Tessuti Patterns, but I just can’t see them working on me. 69 pages though! Geez. Hope you printed it at work, haha!! Would you make it again?

    1. Thanks Mel. I really like this shape and love how comfortable it is. Good for at the moment when I am feeling festively plump! I will be making it again, I’d quite like a black and/or red linen version

  11. I’ve only ever seen Australians sew this pattern (As far as I can remember) but it looks just perfect for the heat! I love the pockets, and double gauze is dreamy. Enjoy!

  12. Tessuti seem to specialise in garments with little or no shaping. I find they don’t suit my figure type but that is probably more to do with me not liking the styles. And yes, their PDF’s are not the best!

    Your dress looks lovely on you, more definition than your average sack and the fabric is gorgeous.

  13. It looks great on you, and the fabric is beautiful. I love it! I’ve got this pattern but haven’t made it yet, partly as hate sticking together pdfs, but will go to a copy shop if I do it. This dress would have been perfect for Darwin where I live, but am moving to Auckland soon. Hope will still be warm enough there.

  14. I’m so in the team of “sack is the new religion”! Your dress has made me want to sew up a proper version of this dress. I also need to shorten it as my toile was almost ankle length and I’m nearly 5ft8″! Fabric is the wash and I’m pondering how short to go…hmmm.

  15. I really love this on you! I find the pdf situation with Tessuti hard too – and I don’t like the pattern pieces for the vilene. I think stay stitching is fine and a separate piece for interfacing is only really required for a button band or something. Anyway, love the Pia!!

  16. I printed and traced this off yonks ago but I remember being annoyed at the wastage too. Interesting how some pattern companies get it so right (20 pages for a dress) and others so wrong (the Moneta dress being something like 60 pages).

    With the weather we’re having in Golden Bay (also very, very hot – and we have no air-conditioning) I’m thinking it might finally be time to make this pattern! It looks so comfortable for the heat and beach, and looks lovely on you!

    My husband makes comments like that with some of my clothes and, while it’s sometimes annoying, he’s usually right. Bums.

    1. I don’t think Colette have the PDF sorted yet. I bought the Zinnia (haven’t even made it yet) and it was 66 pages for A4. I got my copyshop to print it in continuous roll, however the format is only for the US which is wider than the metric machines. You have to deal with some cropping. Not a big deal for me as I’m short, but still not good.
      This is a great beach dress – you’d love it.
      BTW – I love your Granville shirt – nearly swaying me towards a button-up! Just not sure it is me.

  17. Oooh. I really like the fabric, the pockets look a bit odd. But my oh my does that dress look at home on the beach.
    I’ve been looking around for a relaxed fit dress for pottering around in this muggy weather, so something similar to this would fit the bill. However, I’m not going to get this pattern if there are that many pages! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. The front and back pocket pieces are different sizes to give the look that they stick out. I quite like it, but they could easily be changed for a smoother look.
      The pattern does have the option for a print at copy shop (I think) so that could help

  18. LOL gotta love the man commentary – sometimes they are right and sometimes they just miss the point entirely! ^__^ This looks like a perfect beach dress in a perfect fabric for hot, humid weather, which I am having a difficult time imagining right now as it’s freezing here! haha! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. this dress looks perfect for a hot beach day. I love how relaxed you look in the photos. I agree with the PDF issues – i hate PDFs that haven’t used their space wisely. Hopefully your feedback is taken on board

  20. I was thinking of doing the dress with a different fabric inside the pockets, so it sort of peeped out as they droop, not sure if it would work, are the pockets sewn on afterwards or part of the front panel?
    It would be lovely for the summer, as here in mid France I’m huddled around the log fire – it’s freezing ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    1. HI Janette, the pockets are attached separately so this could definitely work.
      I must admit, I am a little jealous of your log fire, it sounds lovely, and of course France is my favourite country so adds to my jealousy ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Your dress is very cute.

    I just finished the Eva dress by Tessuti (the print shop option is the only way to go!). It’s a great dress and I highly recommend it. The bodice is more fitted and the bottom portion has a lovely, unusual shape. Great for linen.

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