Tropical Maxi

Last Saturday I had a birthday party to attend, not just any party, this one had an island theme. How fun, not only was the party on an island, all guests were requested to dress in tropical themed clothing. Originally I had ideas of a bright pink rayon dress with orange hibiscus flowers on it, but of course, do you think I could find the fabric? After a quick IG survey of the available options a black poly knit printed with hibiscus flowers and tropical foliage was agreed upon.

New Look 6282

The pattern is a modified version of New Look 6282.

New Look 6282

The pattern is designed for a woven, but as my knit wasn’t super stretchy and the pattern is not fitted I decided this wouldn’t be too much of an issue. Because I like to live life on the edge, or perhaps because I made this only 3 days before the event (you decide), I didn’t muslin first (I was also hoping the knit would be forgving. Luckily this worked!

New Look 6282

Based on my measurements I cut a size 14 in the top and a 16 for the skirt. The skirt is supposed to be in three panels front and back. As I had no intention of the split I didn’t see the point in this, so when cutting I laid the centre and side panel pieces side by side, overlapping the pieces slightly to account for the seam allowance and matching the notches. This resulted in the front and back being whole seamless pieces. I also omitted the skirt lining.

New Look 6282

The bodice is supposed to have facings. To me, this is not ideal for this kind of dress at all. Instead, constructed the front a little differently
– I cut two fronts, one to use as a lining.
– I then sewed the fronts together around the top, right sides together, sandwiching the shoulder straps where indicated
– I then elasticized and finished the back piece
– the side seams were then sewn, the back sandwiched between the two fronts, this makes a nice tidy interior with no pesky facings to pop out
– the back straps were then placed where convenient and stitched in place

I only shortened the dress by 3″, so anyone taller than 5’2″ may need to lengthen the skirt. I also didn’t change the length of the bodice, normally I would shorten by an inch or so.

New Look 6282

I really like the back strapping detail (note I did bring my centre straps in slightly as I preferred this look). I love that this is a bra-friendly dress, so often not the case with a strappy dress.

New Look 6282

Not only was this dress great for the party, I also wore it to the beach today, it’s great to throw on over togs.

I am already planning another couple of these dresses as I really like the bodice, although at least one will be knee length.  A maxi dress is pretty fun, but is quite hot to wear and I find I am always hoicking it up.

BTW – I suspect this will be one of the last of my beach shots.  Next weekend we move house, back to the city! Whilst the beach is very pretty, it is so far from civilization and we have both been going crazy so far from stores, amenities, and life in general. Yay to being back in the city (10 minutes from a fabric store, not 40) – boo to packing and moving.

22 thoughts on “Tropical Maxi

  1. Looks great! Maxi dresses are endlessly wearable in all situations!
    Never mind about not being at the beach – put in a pool!
    I’ve been eyeing off this pattern. Just got to finish that moto jacket, make a rigel bomber & a watson bra… and then maybe… although now I’m thinking high tea dress…

  2. Love it. I’m pining for maxi’s right now, and I have nothing of the sort in my wardrobe! The straps on this one are really cool – great beach throw over and summer-time dress 🙂

  3. It looks so fabulous on you, I can understand why you’d have a few more planned! I’m going to miss your beach photos, but hope your move back to town goes smoothly and that the packing is quicker than you expect :).

  4. I love this! (No surprise there, really. A floral knit maxi is right up my alley!) I like how the back is strapy but the front has good coverage. The waist hits you at just the right point, too. I might need to track down this pattern!

  5. Gorgeous! The back strap detail is lovely and this maxi dress makes you look much taller than 5’2″. I’ve not been attracted to maxi dresses myself, but I’ll definitely give it a try next summer.

  6. I like the idea of maxi’s but always shy away from using that much fabric. And yes, when I wear them I tend to tuck the fabric in my undies so the skirt is shorter.

    Yay to the city (for you – I’m a country girl at heart) but boo to saying goodbye to the beach. Good luck packing!

  7. Your dress oozes tropical gorgeousness. I agree that maxi dresses can be too warm. They look so billowy and cool yet my legs start too feel like they are in a furnace. Good luck with the move.

  8. Gorgeous dress! Maxis are my favourite. They’re so versatile. And this print just screams summer. Good luck with the move!

  9. How did I miss this post? Yay to moving back to the city… I love Bribie but yeah it is a bit far and the demographics aren’t really you… but choice of beach is pretty good. As is that dress. I love the back strapping and it looks so good on you.

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