Silk Cotton Simplicity 1660

This is a good example how different fabric can completely change the look of a top. This is another Simplicity 1660, made fairly quickly after my first one (although taken an age to make it to the blog).

Silk Simplicity 1660

The silk cotton (bought at Darn Cheap Fabrics in Melbourne) used on this is much lighter with less drape than the rayon of the previous version. This resulted in a very voluminous back, kind of giving me a hunchback and definitely not flattering:

Silk Simplicity 1660

Not one to give up easily, let alone throw out this gorgeous fabric, I resolve this by I unpicking the back and adding a centre back seam. I removed all gathering and shaped it in a little through the waist. With the busy print I thought the centre seam would not be obvious. The result is much better:

Silk Simplicity 1660

This fabric is great for travelling, super light, does not crease easily and most of all feels divine to wear. Silk cotton is wonderful to sew and certainly not as intimidating as silk crepe de chine or suchlike.

Silk Simplicity 1660

These pics were all taken at the Kyu Shiba-rikyu Garden in Tokyo back in October. We then followed up with an amazing lunch including King Crab – super delicious:


27 thoughts on “Silk Cotton Simplicity 1660

  1. Love the fabric! It does look loads better with a centre back seam.
    Not sure which I like best, this or the White one.
    Think I might have a rummage in my pattern box, your right, sometimes the not very exciting patterns can be real winners! πŸ˜€

  2. Hmm, I love the white one wih the jeans- the whole outfity is great, and I like it better than second one- but great save with the back, and a great top too! I’m tempted…

  3. Great pretty breezy summer top. I really like the hem shape. I also like the old suitcases in your sewing room! I LOVE silk cotton and I used to buy it more than I do now. It is so easy and satisfyingly beautiful to sew. I love the pretty sheerness of it. But in my experience it doesn’t have the strength or longevity (with regular washing :-/) than a pure fibre like silk cdc or quilting cotton and I’ve had a few things wear out too quickly that have put me off it. It’s still all about tough, kid proof fibres in my house right now ;-). But I’d like to revisit some lovely silk/cotton in the future again!

    1. The suitcases hold my stash! Great way to keep the fabric from fading, I used to have it on shelves but the edges were fading in the Brisbane sun.
      Silk cotton is lovely, I haven’t had an issue with wear yet, but I guess not having kids will give me a bit more time πŸ˜‰

  4. I remember that fabric! Silk cotton is pretty much the best thing EVER! And smart move on the back seam- you totally can’t see it and it shapes like a dream πŸ˜€

  5. I love ‘ugly duckling’ patterns – always a gratifying make when you find a gem hidden within a disaster looking pattern envelope!
    I’ve got some silk cotton… must sew more!

  6. Beautiful fabrics! I always find it so interesting how different fabrics change the look of a pattern. Smart move with the back seam. Definitely no hunchback there!

  7. I always find it fascinating that a change of fabric and completely change the way a garment behaves. This top looks lovely and airy and cool, but your white version definitely hangs better. I like the print on this fabric πŸ™‚

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