Back to Black – Simplicity 2174

I’m still on a mission to increase my very miniscule work wardrobe. I plan to make a few basics and then a few more colourful and interesting dresses. This LBD is View A of Simplicity 2174, one of their Amazing Fit range.


A princess lined dress with two neckline options, two lengths and A, B, C & D cup sizes. I love this idea of Simplicity’s to make patterns with different cup sizes. For those of us that always need to do an FBA (or presumably an SBA) these patterns are a godsend.

There is a little pulling in this photo but that is not apparent in real life

I admit to being skeptical at first and figured it would at least be a good start and I could always adjust further from there. Not necessary. I used the D cup pattern pieces (a couple under my normal size) but found these to be more than sufficient.

The pattern pieces are also made with a 1″ side seam so you can baste it all together first to check sizing and then adjust as necessary. Genius idea. (of course one could just add a larger seam allowance any pattern but I often forget)


I used a suiting fabric bought at Levines in LA a couple of years ago. This was fabric by the pound and so cheap – I ended up with about 5m of this fabric and used the balance to make a M6611 jacket (to be blogged soon).


Not many adjustments were required to my size 14 due to being able to avoid an FBA. I did cut the shoulders a size smaller and shortened the bodice at the waist by about 1″, but will likely shorten it a touch more next time. I ended up taking in the sides a touch more than the 1″ allowance, particularly at the bust level where I needed to take it in another ½”. I actually wondered if perhaps I should have used the C cup pieces, but in my rashness binned them so not an option! My fabric has a little stretch to it, so this may be difficult to gauge until I use a non-stretch fabric.

Here’s how I look at my new office “you want me to do what?!”

– pockets!
– I am really happy with the fit
– great work wear
– I think it is pretty flattering
– I love the little neck vent
– did I mention it has pockets!!!

– none! (and that is pretty unusual for me)

Handbag picked by Lizzy (does she know me or what?!)

I feel like I could wear this dress a couple of times a week and no-one would notice, but wear a patterned or more statement dress and it would be pretty obvious. Whilst I build my wardrobe up, this dress is a great staple.

35 thoughts on “Back to Black – Simplicity 2174

    1. The bag is divine isn’t it?!
      I am definitely making this up again in more patterns and colours. It is so easy to wear too – I wore it again today and felt pretty fancy profesh 🙂

  1. What a fantastic dress, Liz! Those inseam pockets are such a interesting design detail. Plus, that shape paired with the classic black suiting is just super chic, especially when paired with your TOTALLY AMAZING glasses. Seriously, those are the best. You look super work-appropriate, but still glamorous. I love it!

    1. Aww thanks. I do love these glasses, I have three more pairs but haven’t changed the lenses over yet (was waiting to get used to this script). I love black and dark colours for work, makes me feel more officious which is exactly the message I’m trying to send right now!

  2. You look very smart, love the pattern especially the pockets, I think it would also look good shortened with either slimline pants, or leggings depending on the length….well done.

  3. Handbag win! That Lizzy is a keeper isn’t she. Love the new dress. Black is my go to when I am working. And I love the angled pockets. You are going to rock that new office!

    1. That Lizzy is one awesome chick 🙂
      I love black for work. I am kind of going with a black, white and red palette, although I can see quite a few prints also for wrap dresses 🙂
      PS – are you coming to High Tea?

  4. Love it, I love the fitted bodice combined with the skirt that is flared without being gathered. Classy!
    Next I’ll find you a work appropriate necklace as I do need to bring a visitor gift in March 😉

    1. I like the flared skirt, it feels more formal and business like. Thinking I’ll make it in a print too.
      You don’t have to bring gifts, your presence is my present!! So looking forward to seeing you again!

      1. I’m really looking forward to it, I need a weekend away.
        I wore my Staple Dress to work today and everyone loved it (it was actually some stealth pjs but they didn’t need to know that!)

      2. I’m struggling to find time to sew… haven’t sewn in nearly 2 weeks! Reading lots, patting fabric and planning but struggling to get any time in my sewing room…

      3. I’m definitely not getting my usual time either. It’s only cos it rained for two entire days and SES told us to stay home that I got a bit done last weekend. Now I’m working from the city I’m not getting home until about 6.30, then normal dinner prep etc and before you know it the night is gone!

      4. Well that’s good. Some of my evenings are gobbled up by a walk after dinner with Banjo or a quick gym visit on the way to get Zoe from ballet at 8.15pm twice a week. Exercise is good.

  5. Hello sailor! This is totes work approps! The amazing fit is such a gamble for the bust sizes- I am generally a C but sometimes a D. It makes fitting so much easier!

    1. It is great to have the cup size options but next time I won’t get so excited about throwing the other sizes away. Actually, I’ll never be an A or B cup so they can definitely go!!

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