Pia in Polka Dots

Howdy all! Taking a small hiatus from workwear, I’m back with another Tessuti Pia Dress.

Pia in Polka Dots

My previous one is getting so much wear, it is the perfect weekend dress, especially for slouching around, ducking out to the shops and eating big lunches! It’s also great to wear when sewing garments that need lots of trying on, with no fastenings it just pops over the head, much more convenient and saves sewing in some stage of undress (my usual attire!).

I have fast become a convert to this silhouette and of course had to make another stat!

Pia in Polka Dots

Nothing new on the construction from before, although I did omit the Vilene tearaway facing and just stay-stitched the neck and armholes. I have never had an issue with stretching out and felt the Vilene was overkill. Having now worn this dress several times I can attest that I still have no issues with stretching out.

Pia in Polka Dots
Pocket close up – intentionally slouchy

The fabric is a chambray bought here in Brisbane at Sewco, unlike others I have read about online, this chambray had no issues with fraying and the stitching is holding well, just like any other cotton fabric.

Pia in Polka Dots

This is a pretty good quick make, especially as it was my second time. There is no darts and no fitting to worry about. I find it nice that I can sit and sew from start to finish without having to get up and down to try it on. I have plans to make the Eva Dress soon, I just have to work out a good time to print it off. (I wonder how receptive the new place will be with me pilfering work resources, or will I have to use stealth mode?!) Am I the only one to print PDFs at work?

PS – Just how casual is “casual Friday”? Could I wear this to the office? I’m not sure it feels city/weekday appropriate.

18 thoughts on “Pia in Polka Dots

  1. I wouldn’t have thought that chambray was drapey enough, but it looks perfect. I bought this pattern along with the Pia dress last week and had both printed at the copy shop on large scale formats. All in all, it was not expensive. Now on, I will not stick Pdfs unless there are just a few tiles. I intend to sew both dresses for the coming summer. In my eyes, your polka dot dress is certainly good enough for casual Fridays, maybe paired with a little dark cardigan and a scarf for a more polished look. Love your wooden necklace!

      1. I have the Eva dress to try too, I just need to print it out. I like the cardi idea, although unfortunately it’s too hot to even consider that right now! The wooden necklace is made from recycled floor boards – I think it is pretty funky and cool that it has a history

  2. I print from work as well, but really should get my own printer – it’s annoying to have to wait several days if you buy a pattern on the weekend, and I’ve been having difficulties with the lines not all printing off.

  3. love this! Have been thinking of making it myself in a red chambray/ linen from The Fabric Store. I can’t print off at work as we have codes for all our printing. Ended up buying a cheap $29 printer I found at Coles which has cheap cartridges. I just then print off in draft form to save ink.

  4. Love this dress, Liz! Those polka dots are just the right mix of understated and fun.

    Also, I may actually do something worse, in regards to printing. I print all of my patterns out at Sam’s work, instead! Professors get unlimited printing at his university, so many a pattern (and, worse yet, manuscript) has been given life in the wee academic hours. When I’m a bestselling author, we’ll give them a donation to make up for it. 😉

  5. This dress is so you!!! I’m glad you’re sold on the silhouette because I really like it.

    The only thing I miss about my studio job is printing out PDFs! Well, that, and free breakfast… free lunch… and free dinner! But actually eating meals at home with my family more than makes up for it! 🙂

    1. Free meals?!? That is all kinds of awesome. I’ve never had one do that. My last job used to supply Diet Coke (yep it’s my vice) for me to have at lunch. That was pretty cool.
      I am missing working at home – already getting behind on the housework!

  6. Love this shape on you! It looks so comfy!

    I think with a jacket you could make it work for work definitely. I totally used to print PDFs at work. I always did it when most people were at lunch. We also had this sneaky thing where you could lock the printing then you had to put a code into the printer before it actually came out. That way you could make sure it didn’t print till you were standing there ready to sneak it away before people saw.

    1. Really need to work out the printing etiquette at work, not holding my breath, no one really seems to use the printer except for scanning. Love the coding option, very sneaky 🙂

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