Vintage Pledge – V2876

Hellooooo again!  Soooo…I signed up for the Vintage Pledge..yep it’s out there in the Blogosphere so I’d better do it huh? I have loads of vintage patterns, mostly from the 40s and 50s. I love the artwork and the interesting details not often seen on patterns nowadays. I also have a number of the reproduction vintage patterns and have been meaning to make them for a while now. I thought the pledge might be the motivator I need to actually sew them instead of just stare wistfully at them. I have started small and have pledged to sew three patterns this year.

Vogue 2876

This is the first, Vogue 2876, a vintage reproduction.  The pattern is for knits and wovens apparently, I chose an ITY knit to give a dress in the Leona Edmiston style that I adore.

PSA: This pattern has EIGHTY steps!!  Don’t let this put you off, this is not as complicated as it sounds. A lot of the instructions are super basic and in my case, I felt some were completely unnecessary e.g. I omitted the shoulder pads so that eliminated 7 steps, and I left off the side opening and zip as it neither were required with the knit fabric eliminating a further 16 steps.

Vogue 2876

The insertion of the diamond was the most tricky part as it is done via top-stitching it on rather than a back to back construction approach.

The bodice is also supposed to be attached to the skirt by top-stitching but this was not really possible with the slippery knit fabric. Instead I placed the bodice and skirt back to back and stitched most of it together this way except for the wrap section which I pinned extensively and top-stitched.

Vogue 2876

Changes to the pattern:
– As usual I shortened the bodice, this time by 2″.
– I took the pleats out of the sleeve and made them 3/4 length
– narrowed the shoulders by 1.5″
– 3″ off the length of the skirt

Vogue 2876
Look – faux wrap!


What I like:
– the front diamond and bodice gathering
– love the style
– it’s dressy enough for work
– it feels amazing to wear

What I would change for next time:
– nothing and there will be a next time for sure, I’d love to make it in a plain fabric to show off the details more

PRO TIP – Don’t try to do clever things like play pattern tetris and flip your pattern pieces. Doesn’t work with an asymmetrical pattern if you only flip some, you just may end up with two right fronts – ask me how I know 😦

Vogue 2876

Are you participating in the #vintagepledge? How are you going so far? If I make two of these does it count towards the pledge??

38 thoughts on “Vintage Pledge – V2876

  1. I love how you start out ‘small’ and commitment to ‘only’ making three vintage makes. Crikey I felt like I’d over-committed with just one!
    I’ve been patting ITY knit but never seen with it – how is it to wear in hot weather?

    1. Ha! Well last year I said 5 and did none so scaled it back 🙂
      The ITY is quite nice to wear and perfect for an airconditioned office. I bought more for a wrap dress so I must like it!

  2. Hey that looks so fantastic. It is so flattering on you and the colour is great. Nice to bump into you the other day… get anything else finished?? See you in a couple of weeks.

  3. I love this! I’ve never sewn vintage anything, but this dress could tempt me! I like the way you’ve combined a traditional style with a modern fabric and bright colour!

  4. Looks great, and worth the 80s steps! I’ve been doing Vintage Pledge, too, since I usually sew vintage. My first make from a 60s Vogue Madame Gres pattern was a bear, but since then I’ve had fun making a 70s Halston and 50s Claire McCardell.

  5. Love the front details – it’s little things like that that I adore in vintage patterns and I love that it translates as a really interesting modern knit dress.
    I’m having a wonderful time with #vintagepledge, mainly as I’ve embraced my 2nd childhood & have broken into my stash of 70’s patterns – I’m still working up to the 1930’s 😉

  6. This is so pretty – flattering silhouette, and it has such nice details, and still manages to look modern enough that you won’t look costume-ey 🙂 Such pretty fabric, too 🙂

  7. What a cracker dress, totally nailed it! I’m with you on the love of the details of vintage patterns, something I find lacking in soooo many modern designs. That said, I participated in the Vintage Pledge last year, and while I sewed the four patterns I said I would, it really opened my eyes to how much my style has changed since I started sewing, which is when I bought most of my vintage patterns. I guess I’ll still sew the odd one here or there, but these days I think I’m probably more of a pattern appreciator and admirer of people who can rock the look…. like you!! 🙂

  8. Ooo, this dress is beautiful! I love the wrap detail and the fabric, and also the gathering and diamond shape on the bodice. I can definately see why you want to make more of these!

  9. it’s lovely. great colour on you! i am just about finished (sleeves, cuffs and hem to do) in my first vintage pledge make of the year – a 1970s wrap dress, also in a knit. i am totally on the fence about ITY. i love the look of it on other people – it looks like great printed jersey. i bought some unknowingly thinking it was great printed jersey and it’s like swimwear. i don’t want to miss out on the gorgeous print but it feels so weird. maybe i should just sew it up and try it out!

    1. I think there is a huge variation in ITY, some is complete rubbish and some is nice and slinky. This is the latter. It is lovely to wear although with bare legs it can get a little sticky if it is super hot

  10. Beautiful dress, and it looks great on you..
    I would say if you make two more of these…it would count as your 3 makes for the pledge.ha]
    Happy sewing.

  11. Gorgeous colour on you! I’m on a ‘What is my colour?’ search as my hair colour is now more sandy honey blonde instead of platinum white … and my favourite orange coloured dresses look awful now, so corals and peaches might be good! I haven’t brought any vintage patterns with me to Shanghai, so won’t take the pledge this year, but I’m thinking of getting into MMM and the Spring for Cotton!

    1. I look terrible in orange, it makes me look ill, but my skin tone has gold undertones, I think it is too similar. I also don’t suit yellow or green. Coral is the soft orange that I can get away with 🙂
      You must be finding some great fabrics in Shanghai – I loved it there! Fabulous vibrant city, and great food!!

  12. Gorgeous dress! 80 steps is a whole lot of steps but clearly worth it for such a pretty dress. Will you be wearing this to high tea? I really should do the vintage pledge. I have so many vintage and repro patterns I haven’t made it would be good motivation.

    1. It is a lovely pattern and I’ve wanted to make it for ages, so glad I have done it now. Onto the next one soon!! It is definitely good motivation to try some.

  13. Very impressive! I’m not such a good seamstress and 80 steps would finish me off but I’ve finished my first Vintage Pledge challenge recently( made a few mistakes). Starting 2nd one today! Going 50’s!

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