M6566 – Party in the Back Top

Back with Part 2 of my sewing for my Abu Dhabi trip!

I have been wanting to sew up this fabulous tie dye looking fabric for ages, ever since I picked up in the swap at the Brisbane High Tea last year. It is so lovely and soft and feels so comforting & cozy to wear. It’s like a favourite worn in t-shirt already! I believe it is from The Fabric Store and, correct me if I am wrong, is courtesy of the beautiful Sophie of AdaSpragg.

Edit: I am now informed the fabric was gifted by the generous and talented Alice


With this fabric I imagined something boxy and kinda fun – McCalls 6566 is just the pattern to play with! This pattern has so many options that are not immediately evident from the pattern envelope.  Even the website doesn’t have the line drawings of the back – in my opinion that is the best part!


For this top, I went with View C – check out the surprise back (ok not a surprise because I put an image above…oops):

The only change I made to the original pattern was to dip the hem in the back for a bit more booty coverage and more of a high-low (mullet)look. Weird, I don’t like a high low hem on a dress so much, but in a top, I love it.


The pants, if you were wondering (and you probably weren’t if you know me) are yet another pair of Hudsons! Quelle surprise!! This time in another woven, a rayon from Spotlight.


Tangenting now…some of you were curious about the attire for skating competitions in the UAE, this is pretty typical for the locals. Although all the international skaters wore more “normal” figure skating attire. The only other thing about the UAE that surprised me and that I hadn’t thought of was that pairs and dance skating is not allowed. Things you take for granted huh?

By the way, that’s me in the background!

So there you have it – appropriately covered for my travels. It was an interesting sewing mission, and a bit unusual from my norm. I’ve never sewn in this way before, making things based on coverage and fit, rather than just gong with what I love and want.  It goes against my nature to cover up, I normally have sleeveless items and like a lower neckline. In saying that, these items are still getting loads of wear now I’m back, I just style them a little differently and generally pair them with different items 🙂

21 thoughts on “M6566 – Party in the Back Top

  1. Nice top, that fabric is fabulous. I have noticed a lot of McCall’s patterns don’t put the line drawing on the back and I find it a bit annoying especially when they use heavily patterned fabric that hides the seam lines. Great photo of the skater…

  2. Pattern companies drive me crazy. I swept right past that pattern as not worth looking at. But with that cute back view…I’m much more interested. The marketing departments really need to get their act together. *breathe*
    I love your version. So cute!

  3. #worstbloggingfriend ever as I remembered we hadn’t taken photos as I drove home on the Monday. #toomanyshoes
    I love this, it’s the sort of thing I wear endlessly, I love loose, long tops. I think it’s a great pattern – good spotting in the catalogue to find that.
    And I’ve got this fabric in a blue colourway….. Twins again!

    1. Hehe, not to worry, I’d probably be much to self-conscious anyway! I want to make this again in black, great to go with everything! But a floral would be so pretty too 🙂

  4. Love your outfit! This is something I would love to wear: smooth and comfy but still very modern and fashion. Thanks for pointing out this pattern.

  5. Love it.. The top is super cute, I saw the pattern, and didn’t think much of it.. Now, you make me want it.. Looks comfortable.
    Happy sewing.

  6. What a fun top! I’m a lover of the mullet hem in a top too. This fabric is perfect too. Why is it that dance skating isn’t allowed in uae?

    1. It does make it a little difficult to judge as the neck appears restricted even when that may not be the case. I find it interesting that this dress is ok, when I can still see the body, I don’t quite understand why flesh coloured tights are not allowed, but presume this is to do with the look. Black is more modest than the skin colour I guess.

  7. See, never in my life would I have put your gorgeous top with that pattern drawing! Total eye-opener. Love the fabric you’ve used and the drape at the back.

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