Check it out dress

I am loving some of the graphic style prints that I am seeing in the stores recently. Not normally one to follow trends, this grid or checked pattern is one I can get on board with. For work wear, I have been loosely trying to stick to a bit of a palette of black, white and red for work, perhaps once my wardrobe grows more colours will enter. This fabric certainly fits the brief and makes me feel a bit on trend and edgy 🙂

V8766 Raglan Hack

The pattern is a hack of my favourite 4 dart bodice, V8766 paired with the skirt of the Belladone. I love the diagonal pockets of the Belladone and I thought they would complement the shoulder detail.

V8766 Raglan Hack

This time I hacked the bodice slightly, I wanted to play on the grid pattern and also wanted to incorporate a complimentary bias trim. I modified the bodice to have a raglan shoulder detail and cut the shoulder pieces on the bias to emphasize the design lines.


To do this I eyeballed where I wanted the seam lines to be and marked these on my pattern pieces. I then matched the front and back pieces at the seams (omitting the seam allowances) and traced a new pattern piece for the raglan insert (including seam allowances on the new piece). Perhaps a diagram showing the end result is easier (you can see my fold lines on the pattern pieces including seam allowances, the dashed lines are the seam lines):


Now that I have my personal alterations sorted for this bodice it all went together super quickly. I used 25mm bias to further emphasize the raglan seams, pockets, to bind the neck and armholes.

V8766 Raglan Hack

I love how this raglan feature just adds a small point of difference. I would like to do something similar on a ponte dress with a pleather or quilted raglan piece.

V8766 Raglan Hack

These pics were taken a couple of weeks ago, since then the temperature has dropped considerably and I’ve been wearing this with tights and a cardi. Admittedly for most people it hasn’t been that cold, about 20-25C, but I am well known as a complete wuss when it comes to the cold!

On another note – how slow is this week going?  For me it is absolutely crawling, I can’t believe I am only half way through! Roll on the weekend!!

40 thoughts on “Check it out dress

  1. Love the grid trend. I’ve been chasing some grid print fabric since I saw Rachel’s (House of Pinheiro) drop waist dress last fall, but haven’t found any interesting one in local stores. Now, your dress is wonderful and I think I’ll go to to get what I want.

      1. oh lab manager job has me in trainers every day. And on the odd day I have worn a skirt, I always wind up having to crawl under a lab bench or carry something dirty……

    1. It’s a better bodice fit than the belladone, the shoulders on that are still a little wide and I’m still fiddling with it. Love the skirt of it though, not too full.

  2. Oh wow, this is so cool!!!! What a great dress!!!!! I’m really into black and white prints these days… they’re fun, but really easy to mix and match.

  3. Check you and your graphic awesome out, Liz! I so badly want to steal this is it fab! And many thanks for the bodice link- I’m trying to get back into frocks and am looking for a great 4 dart bodice. You’re a litmus test for me- if it is Liz approved I’m in 😀

    1. I shall leave this at home when I come to Melbourne then, can’t have you stealing it!! A four dart basic bodice is great to have in the arsenal, so versatile. Didn’t take much to get the fit right either. Win!

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