Wardrobe Winner Cardi – V8780

Who doesn’t love a wardrobe winner, a perfect garment that suits so many occasions? I swear Vogue were just trying to keep this pattern under wraps, the envelope is U.G.L.Y. (you ain’t got no alibi), just terrible.  Look at it:


Seriously? What about this looks compelling? The line drawings peeps, it’s always about the line drawings. I can’t take all the credit for finding this little gem. Lizzy found it first and her cardi is marvelous!

Enough with the Vogue bashing, here is my version:


So much better than the envelope and so much more stylish (if I do say so myself).


No word of a lie, cutting and sewing this up took less than 30 minutes! I sewed the whole garment on my overlocker on the rolled hem setting. All the seams, edges and hem are overlocked – the super narrow finish works brilliantly.  Only the sleeve hems are done on my coverstitch.  I made a size medium, but I think this pattern runs large and really you only have to choose your size based on your shoulder width as the rest of the garment just drapes. I over estimated my size (as usual) and mine is a touch wide on the shoulder, for my second version I sized down and it is perfect.

I made View A (the shorter version) out of a lightweight merino bought at the Fabric Store.


This really does go with everything. I wear it with jeans (obviously), I take it to work and wear it over my dresses, it goes with work pants and it squishes down and fits in my handbag to take to the movies or anywhere where the temperature is potentially questionable.  Aircon over here tends to be a little too enthusiastic for my liking.


A word to the wise on the collar construction, the instructions are a little odd and confusing for my little brain, if you make this, just remember that it flips and rolls to the outside so you need to ensure the centre back doesn’t show.

A friend of mine has a cardi that is super similar, but hers has a little hook and eye set up for the option to wear it like this:


What do you think? Does it look weird?


There is already one more of these in my wardrobe and two more planned as I do believe I’ve found my favourite layering cardi.

PS – worn with M6766 tee

11 thoughts on “Wardrobe Winner Cardi – V8780

  1. I totally agree with you – this is much better and more stylish than the envelope! And what’s not to love about a garment that takes 30 minutes to make? Yey to seeing the vision with dodgy envelope photos; I find New Look patterns are like that too. The photo of it wrapped closed is lovely, and I think a hook and eye would be a great idea.

  2. Bloody vogue and their questionable envelope images! Thank god for line drawings. I always love you in red so it is not surprise I am loving this cardi. I think the wrapped up version looks great and very cozy.

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