Comfort Sewing, for winter and stress…

I’m keeping it pretty short and sweet today, however I do have two garments to share with you today!

This time of year is super busy for me – I’m in the financial sector (insurance) and with it coming up to end of financial year (known as EOFYS in Australia), things are ramping up something crazy at work. There is light at the end of the tunnel so I will keep pushing through!  Only a week and a half to go (and counting!).

As work has been pretty stressful the past few weeks I have been mostly looking to sew simple and gratifying garments – no brainers and avoiding any potential fitting woes. The Mabel skirt and V8780 perfectly fit that bill.


I am super late to the Mabel Skirt party (I expect I’ll make the Sydney Jacket, currently taking sewists by storm, sometime next year!) and I didn’t expect the style to really suit me. I’m not normally drawn to a pencil skirt but thought it could be fun to try, everyone had told me it was a winner and I am always on the lookout for secret work pjs.

I got myself some heavy stretch fabric from Spotlight – it was remnant priced and only cost me $2.40 – being that cheap, there was virtually no risk to trying this new silhouette!!

I love the drape on the back of this cardi

I cut the size L based on my measurements and went ahead and sewed it up. Knits are pretty forgiving and this one had loads of stretch so I figured it wouldn’t be too much of a gamble. Hurrah! It worked and I am super happy with the result!  The only change I made to the original pattern was to add 3″ to the length as I like the midi length.

The cardi is my new ‘go to’ cardi, V8780. This time I sized down to the small and the fit is much better across the shoulders and arms compared to my previous version.


Not too much to say about the construction of either garment. They were both sewn using only the overlocker and coverstitch and were completed in an afternoon.

Sometimes this kind of sewing really hits the spot, especially when a de-stress brain escape is needed.  Do you sew to de-stress too? What patterns are your ‘go to’ patterns.

9 thoughts on “Comfort Sewing, for winter and stress…

  1. It is never too late for a Mabel Liz and you look lovely in this one. Your Vogue 8780 cardigan is a perfect match for Mabel. I hope the pressure at work comes swiftly to an end.

  2. That cardigan looks great on you and YAY for secret pajamas! When I’m stressed, I like to make bags–none of that fiddly fitting!

  3. You look sassy in this outfit Liz! I did a bit of comfort sewing last night – inspired by your black skater cowl dress actually! A snuggly knit renfrew dress with the cowl.

  4. Great outfit – bargain skirt! EOFYS – I did all my tax calculations last night (boring, but done). Dang lady, you have some great black shoes but these might be my faves – are they new ? The look like Eiffel towers – did you get them here?

  5. I hate this time of the year too. Crazy days.
    I find when I’m tired or busy like to sew things like button-up shirts etc as I find all the little steps can be rewarding and done in the small chunks of time I have available. Although right now I’m too tired to drag myself off the lounge!

  6. Hey! You’re on time for Mabel! I just sewed up a Plantain that was 18 months ago fashionable! I am tossing up between this one or the Deer & Doe pencil/knit skirt… I love knits for the de-stress… absolutely!

    Both look great, especially that cardigan piece… the long peplum shape!

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