Canberra Frocktails and Vintage Simplicity

I bought this fabulous cotton sateen fabric at a recent Spotlight sale. I asked my dear darling husband “do these colours suit me?”. “No” he says. So of course I ignored him and bought it anyway (what was he doing in Spotlight anyway??). I just couldn’t resist the vibrant colours with the vintage feel. It just had to be made up into a vintage dress, the only question was which one?!

I settled on Vintage Simplicity 3316 which Wikia says is from late 1950s/early 1960s. I was particularly drawn to the kimono sleeves and the coat (which I have a plan for soon).


I did a muslin of the bodice and it fitted really well and so with no adjustments I cut into my fabulous fabric. I sewed the majority up on the Sewaway weekend in Melbourne, but it was too cold to constantly try it on so I left the finishing for home. I ended up taking 1¼” off the shoulders as I had some fabric pooling under the arms, but apart from that, no adjustments. No FBA!!


Of course this fabulous dress needed a fabulous event and Canberra Frocktails was it! Those girls sure know how to organize a fun shindig! Blimey there was a lot of champagne, so much for the two glasses included, more like 5 or 6. I must have had a dodgy canapé though as I was talking to the porcelain telephone later that night 😉 Oops!



Can you guess who took my photos? The fact I can’t stop laughing might give it away.

3316Oh dear, the pics are getting blurry now – always the sign of a good night!! 😀

raptorPictures taken by the wonderful lady that is Amanda – this girl is so warm and genuine and of course an all round sewing wizard with rad raptor poses! And blimey she can rock a tulle skirt!!

PS – that’s the second of my Vintage Pledge dresses complete – one to go!!

41 thoughts on “Canberra Frocktails and Vintage Simplicity

  1. Apart from the fabulous frock… what a hilariously funny post. I’m just picking ‘dear husband’ offering up his opinion & the porcelain bus….
    Some days they just can’t win. Mine just says “you know I’ve got no idea, I always think you look good” nice but not helpful – hence I turn to IG! We need a husbands’ self-help group – aka What Not To Say or What to Say When Asked’.
    Really fabulous dress. Gorgeous fit & perfect fabric choice.

  2. This dress is gorgeous Liz and I am so pleased you had a ball in Canberra even if you were talking to the porcelain phone later on. Simplicity 3316 was designed just for you, as was the fabric. Poor hubby got that one wrong. Luckily he was spot on when he meet you and knew you were the one.

  3. It was one of my favourites of the night, and you looked smashing in it! Sorry you got sick! Must have been the double deep fried cheese sticks. I was seedy the next day but apparently three cocktails and a bottle of bubbles is considered “excessive”, so … 😂

    1. Couldn’t have been the cheese, it was too good!! Mmmmm
      I wasn’t too seedy the next day but that could have been due to the fact there was no alcohol left in my system!! Hmmm perhaps 6 glasses of bubbly is too much…who would have thought…

  4. Husbands!!! Eh!!! I’ve learnt not to ask sewing opinions from mine; he either looks horrified at being asked, or tells me everything is lovely! Your dress is gorgeous, I think the colours are lovely on you, and it looks like you had a great night. Pants to not feeling well though, I’d blame it on the bubbles – those things are deadly!

    1. I’ve no idea why I asked him actually – lesson learned!
      Thanks for your lovely comment, I had a brilliant night even apart from the self inflicted sickness!!

  5. You were awesome! Yay to the Raptor hands!!! 😉 And I’m sure there was only one glass of bubbles … well, it was never empty … those Canberra girls sure know how to put on an awesome shindig! 😉

    1. Thank you – it is definitely one of my favourite dresses – I even wore it to work the other day, who cares if I was the most dressed up person in the office?!?

  6. This totally suits you– crazy husband! 🙂 But what were you thinking taking him into a fabric store?! Blake came to Mood with me once about a year and a half ago and I found myself spending a gift certificate on very fancy English wool for a pair of trousers for him… $50/yard!!!!! I’m too terrified to cut into it! You Oz girls look like you have so much fun together! Looks like an amazing night!!!

    1. Good question – I am pretty sure he was in the pet store next door and came looking for me 🙂
      I have never made him anything before, he doesn’t reckon he’d appreciate it enough. He’s probably right 😀

  7. Very flattering style on you, the fabric is gorgeous too. I don’t know why I can’t find much to my liking when I shop at Spotlight.

  8. Hot damn you are a spunk, Ms Liz! This was one of the knockouts of the evening 😀 So glad you had lots of fun (and we still can’t work out why the never-ending champagne kept flowing?!)
    Side note- total operator error for those blurry pics. We were laughing so hard I had trouble getting things to focus (or maybe that was the wine?!) 😉

    1. That bloody champagne – dangerous stuff!! I had the best time and laughed so much (perhaps that was the champers too?!) I took some good blurry photos too, must have been the lighting 😛
      I got a great tour of your city on the Sunday, it’s so pretty and interesting. I really like the feel and can see why you like living there.

  9. Looking good Liz! I think those colours look great on you. What would men know anyway?! Certainly not fabric 😉

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