Rock Rose Cardigan

I swear I must be the world’s slowest knitter, but I do finish things….eventually. Not like my Mum who used to have a stack of half made jumpers, my favourite being a neon orange jumper she started in the late 60s – no wonder she never finished, she was probably going blind trying to knit it!

Anyhoo…onto to my finished jumper:


This is the Rock Rose Cardigan, knitted top down, mostly stocking stitch but with a cool bobbly pattern down the front to keep it from being too boring to knit.

The pattern repeat eventually got its way into my brain and so I was able to knit without having to refer to the pattern all the time. I like the raglan sleeve for fit across the shoulders.


But my favourite bit is the I-cord bind off. I had never done this before. It goes all the way up the button band, across the neck and then back down the other button band. This technique takes forever but the finished result is super professional.


I used a Madelinetosh yarn in the colour Fathom. I really like the variegation of the colour with this brand and it is lovely to work with, even though it is pretty ex-y.  I bought it on a trip to the US in 2013 – buying things on holiday never seem expensive, it’s all just part of the experience 🙂 (well that’s what I tell myself anyway!)IMG_6315If I could fault this at all, it would be that it is a little big. You can see in the above photo the roominess under the arms. This is a little annoying as I did get gauge so I thought it should have been fine. Anyway, it’s not so big that I won’t wear it.

My favourite part is the vibrancy of the colour – it just glows – so lush.


I’ve moved on my next project, the Boxy & Buttony Jumper so expect to see that sometime in the next 12 months!!

18 thoughts on “Rock Rose Cardigan

  1. This is divine! I adore the vibrancy and depth of the colour, and thank you for letting me pat your wools 😉
    I think I’m a slowest ever knitter, although I’m getting there with completing my WIPs (unlike some sewing ‘toiles’) 😉
    I really like the bobbly features, this might have to make its way to my queue 😉

    1. I always finish my sewing projects but the knitting ones take me forever. Currently I have a cardi with one sleeve, two thirds of one sock, half the body of a jumper and I’ve just started a new cowl! Hopeless!!

  2. looks like such lovely yarn – pretty bobbles and buttons are perfect too! I’m going to cast on my first ever cardi next week, I expect I will rival you as the worlds slowest knitter ;o)

  3. That looks so fantastic on you – congrats on finishing! I know when I went from knitting to sewing, I was astounded at how much more quickly I could finish something. Still, a knitted FO is a wonderful thing.

    Love your glasses, too!

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