The Distraction Dress – V8555

As many of you will know, recently Melbourne held their annual Frocktails event. I am terrible when it comes to sewing to a deadline, it’s when the ultimate of distractions happen.

Here’s how my thought pattern was working three weeks out from the event:

  1. Hmmm, frocktails is coming up, I should make a dress
  2. How about I start with one completely not intended for Frocktails
  3. Followed by, I kinda know what I better make, but I better make it in different fabric first just in case (in case of what, I am not sure)
  4. Crap, I only have one weekend left, I better get moving!!


This is my Frocktails practice dress – Vogue 8555.

I did a muslin of the bodice first – I generally find it works well for my shape to cut a smaller size in the back than the front. I often do an FBA as well but this time it wasn’t needed! Huzzah!!  The only adjustments required were a little off the shoulders and narrowing the waistband by approx. 1.5cm.


I love the details of the bodice, the neckline pleats, the gathering under the bust and the waistband. The skirt is lovely and full and has pockets – everyone knows all good skirts should have pockets 🙂

Warning – the neckline is pretty low, I don’t mind this too much normally, but for work I would prefer it higher as I feel like everyone can see down it!


Construction wise, this went together fairly easily and the pattern is marked by Vogue as Easy. The only tricky bit I found was the zip.  My fabric has a lengthwise stretch so it kept bubbling when I was inserting it. I ended up having to baste it in first to get it to sit flat – very frustrating, but I got there in the end. I’m no quitter!!



  • bodice shape and the flared skirt
  • pockets!!
  • easy to construct

Changes for next time:

  • shorten the waist panels a little more
  • raise the neckline a little for better office suitability 🙂


So, spoiler alert, if you haven’t guessed, I used this pattern for my Frocktails dress which I will blog soon!

PS – If you’re wondering why I am intently looking left, it’s because the sun was blinding me and I left my sunglasses at home!

PPS – Summer is on the way – yay!! Tights begone!!

15 thoughts on “The Distraction Dress – V8555

  1. Oh this is just gorgeous! I love the gathers on the bust and the pleats in the skirt. Plus who can go past a dress with pockets. Can’t wait to see the Frocktails version. Bummed you won’t be able to make it to Bris Frocktails this year! Are you coming to the sewaway in Port Macquarie?

    1. Those bits are my favourites too, I love the swooshy skirt! I’ll hopefully post the Frocktails one later this week. It’s a shame that I can’t come to Brisbane Frocktails, but of course it’s hard to say no to Europe 🙂 I am fairly unlikely to make it to Port Macquarie, funds are a little tight with my Europe trip unfortunately 😦 also Josh will be away so it’s harder for me to get away.

  2. Excellent effort for a “practice dress”. I have this pattern (acquired at the op-shop for $1.25, my size, unused, score!) and have been wondering what it is like in real life. Thank you for your review.

    And even though I saw your lovely Frocktails frock in the flesh, I’m looking forward to the detailed blog post 😉

  3. ha ha, I hear you on the easily dis tractable bit. This looks great, I like the colour. I’m intrigued by the smaller size in the back thing, I suspect that might be good for me too. How do you get it to match up to the front? And does it work when you make something with sleeves. Do tell all.

    1. I make it the same size at the shoulders but from about mid-armhole I tend to size up the front. The sides still match up. I don’t make too many dresses with sleeves, but as there is very little difference added to the armhole I haven’t experienced any issues with sleeves not fitting.

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