Melbourne Frocktails Dress – V8555

Finally, behold, my Melbourne Frocktails Dress!


I know I am remarkably tardy in posting this, but in true Lizzie form, I was chattering way too much at Frocktails to get any pictures of it. Also, going through everyone’s photos here, here and here, one would think I didn’t attend at all as there is little to no photographic evidence!

The dress is of course Vogue 8555 as per my last post and constructed much the same…


…with one major change.  Can you see my zipper?  Nope, not the best invisible zipper ever.  When I was trying it on for fit with it basted up, I realized I didn’t require one, so I left it off!! I know, weird right? It felt a bit weird omitting it, almost like it’s an unfinished dress, but of course makes the back lovely and flat.

The only thing I was a little annoyed at myself for was the pattern matching or lack thereof.  When I cut it out for some reason I gave it very little thought and as a result have a stupid double print down the front. Whatevs.

Because I always forget, here are some shots of the insides:

The fabric is a gorgeous patterned supposedly silk blend, which I think is maybe 5% silk at best, sure feels flammable, but whatever, it feels amazing to wear and doesn’t crease, so winning!


The second (and final) change for this version was to raise the neckline by an inch for a little more safety and to make it a little more wearable for work.

Now to my question, if you were going to put a little jacket or cardi over this for layering warmth, what pattern would you use and what colour?  I am really having trouble pairing this with anything I currently have.  Suggestions please!!

23 thoughts on “Melbourne Frocktails Dress – V8555

    1. Do you know, I don’t own a navy cardi? Time to rectify this I think! Whilst I love the Coppelia, it is either on or off, you can’t wear it open so not great for our climate unfortunately

  1. Sorry comment is not cardi related – stalking your post to view your mannequin – could you do a post on what mannequin is the best to buy or which has the best usable features. TIA

    1. I have no idea to be honest! I bought mine when Lincraft was have a sale, it is an adjustable one, but I only really use it for hemming as the sizing/shape isn’t very accurate.

  2. lovely frock, great fabric – navy or dark grey would go well and be versatile, it doesn’t go with your simplicity 1419 one? (I was online stalking everyone’s dress makes of it this week), but teal or seafoam might be fun – maybe 1419 without the ruffle and lengthened a bit? or grainline morris?

    1. it isn’t bad with my simplicity jacket actually (love that jacket), I have some teal sateen, perhaps I’ll give that a go! I really want to try the S1419 with the peplum from Mccalls 6611. The morris is awful, see post I am about to put up!

  3. Great dress! Not sure what pattern for a jacket or cardi, but I’d maybe choose a deep burgundy. It’s still relatively neutral but stands out a bit more than grey, and would work well with the colours of the dress.

  4. Gorgeous dress. A navy cardigan would be nice or you could be outrageous and do bright orange or fushia. A cardigan that sits at the waist would be nice. Not sure what pattern. You could use a mesh then it wouldn’t be too hot for spring and summer. i’m sure whatever you choose to do it will be fabulous.

  5. Oh you were definitely there! Sorry I didn’t get a better photo of you :(. Your dress looks great on, the print issue on the front is not noticeable and what a win not to need a zip! Judging by everyone else’s comments I have loud tastes but I’d like your dress with a hot pink or red – or even teal blue – fitted jacket or short cardi.

  6. I really love this dress on you! I think it would look really cool with a dark pink cropped jacket. Something streamlined because you have the gathers on the bust.

  7. Lovely fabric and dress. I think same as Gabrielle..I think a red or hot pink too… really you. Navy if you want to be sedate for work. I have a nice Ottobre pattern that is like the Copella that I’ve made (toile) but not blogged about if you want to borrow. Oh and I think nothing past your waist for good proportions.

    1. Thanks Sofie, I have the coppelia and like it for winter, but the problem is it is either on or off, you can’t wear it undone (unless you want to trip over the ties of course!). I think I will try the Jenna cardi and I do like the bright colour idea. In saying that I did discover a previously made coppelia (unblogged) that goes beautifully 🙂

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