Morris Jacket

I am sorry, I could not think of a better title other than the obvious for this post, but as I am not feeling the jacket, I just couldn’t feel the title either.

In the interests of sharing the bad as well as the good, I bring you my Grainline Morris Jacket.

Check out my forced looking smile as I pretend to love this!
Check out my forced looking smile as I pretend to love this!

I have a GAP French terry double breasted blazer in my wardrobe and I absolutely love it. It is great for travelling, dressy but comfortable and never needs pressing! I need to replicate this feeling and thought the Morris jacket might come close.  SPOILER ALERT – sadly not!

The back isn’t always like this, I’m standing funny, but could do with some shaping

I made this in a stretchy grey ponte from my stash. I quantify this as stretchy as some ponte doesn’t stretch much at all, this one does and is a lovely quality (bought during a trip to LA from The Loft and paid for by weight!).

Morris -3

As with most makes I have seen on the interwebs I ended up with the ubiquitous puckering at the hem. Going in prepared, I was so sure I would be able to avoid it. First I used a stretch lining on the facing as I felt that the issue was caused by the front panels not stretching the same as the facing. But I still had puckering. So I ripped out the facing and the puckering remains.  So ugly.

Morris -1

I then hand blind stitched the facing down as I think it is a weighting issue of the facing vs the front. But now my issue is my stitching is not so blind and can be seen from the outside! I have seen some versions where the facing has been topstitched down on the machine and this looks ok in a print, but wasn’t the look I was going for. (maybe a double line of stitching would work) I hate that the visibility of the stitching makes it look home-made!

Morris -4

The jacket super comfortable but in my opinion should be made in a stretch woven like a sateen, not a knit like ponte. But that being said, I have seen in a sateen and it was quite stiff and boxy.

This is just not for me, too boxy, too puckering and just not what I had envisioned. I haven’t thrown it in the bin just yet, I’m still thinking there must be some way to save it, if nothing else, the sleeves could be used on another jacket as I have some fabric left.

So now my search continues for the perfect knit blazer.  Onto a Burdastyle pattern next!

29 thoughts on “Morris Jacket

  1. Sorry to hear this didn’t work out for you! I think every Morris blazer except one that I’ve seen on the web has had a funky hem, so I never purchased this pattern and don’t intend to. Usually I’m a fan of Jen’s patterns, but sadly not this time!

  2. That’s a bummer that it didn’t work out, but I think you’re in pretty good company–I can’t think of any knit versions of this that I’ve seen that have avoided that issue with the facing. I also don’t think it’s really drafted for a curvy figure, unless you want to add shaping yourself, based on the versions that I’ve seen.

  3. It’s a shame this didn’t work for you, the fabric seems very nice. (I love the look of open jackets, but love even more to be buttoned and bundled.) Thank you for the “bad” side, too, it’s helpful for the rest of us in making pattern purchases.

  4. I agree it just doesn’t seem to produce a nice smooth jacket in ponte. That said, I love my linen Morris & when I wear it I get loads of compliments and requests to make one! It’s one of my favourite makes now, and it’s not boxy. I used a rayon linen though so it falls quite differently and has no puckering.

  5. I am not feeling the near universal Morris love of the rest of the blogosphere either. I knew it would be too short so added about 15 centimetres to the length, made the sleeves full length and rounded off the super “look at my ladies” pointy collar. Then I looked at the hem facings and decided to change the front facing to an all in one which was nice and wide. I’m not sure it can be called a Morris anymore!

    I like that you put up the not so successful makes, it serves as a warning to all.

    1. I didn’t alter the length at all, but then I am pretty short 😉 I like the idea of rounding off the collar, but have already binned the pattern, not keen to go down this road again!

  6. I had the same experience! I was about to put it in the Salvo bag on the weekend but decided I probably should blog it and do a review. I don’t have have the draping but it is too boxy and shapeless for me and the shoulders sit far too low. Such a shame. I was excited about this pattern!

    1. I did have to narrow the shoulders, they are super wide!! I wasn’t that excited about the pattern to begin with but had to see what everyone was raving about. Unfortunately I still don’t know and I am completely underwhelmed

  7. I think this pattern just needs interfacing on the front piece to eliminate the drape when using ponte. (Or maybe skip interfacing on the facing?) Haven’t gotten around to making this blazer a second time myself (I also used ponte), but I would definitely use a stretch woven next time. Too bad this didn’t work out!

  8. I am literally blogging my morris as we speak. I made mine for a costume and just used a stretch drill. It doesn’t have amazing drape and I was hoping to remake in a knit to get the drape. It’s a shame to hear it didn’t work out though and from the comments it hasn’t worked for quite a few people.

  9. What a shame it didn’t work out! I also had the drooping issue with my Morris blazers but managed to get rid of it by invisibly hand stitching the facing to the jacket and all three jackets that I have made to date.

  10. Waw. So sad you don’t like it. Carefully looking, Ok, I guess I understand why you are not happy with it. But the overall look is just great, it is greatly styled and looks so comfy and such a good wardrobe staple. I just want to make one like this now ! Funny how what you qualify as a fail is an inspiration to me 🙂

      1. Ah ah ! Still funny as I was again thinking this morning of the Morris Jacket I could make in that nice black double crêpe (wool) that I just got. I would hope it has the body and proper amount of stretch needed and that I could avoid creating the issues you reported.

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