V8998 Navy workhorse dress

For something different I am writing this from the train travelling from Graz to Vienna! I have been in Graz for the past few days judging a competition of some of the best skaters in the world. What an amazing opportunity that I am proud to be a part of.

But on to the dress that I am sure is the real reason you are here 😀

This is Vogue 8998, a princess seamed bodice with waistband and two skirt options. Although I didn’t take either skirt option, I switched in my new favourite skirt from V8555 with the box pleats and side seam pockets. I also omitted the side pleats because (a) I didn’t have enough fabric and (b) I didn’t want the skirt quite that full.

The pattern has cup size options, of course I went with the D cup, but with the excess fabric I had to take out I am wondering if the C cup might have been better and will toile this soon to check. I still have a little excess fabric between the bust and shoulders that is somewhat bothersome but I am sure a non-sewist would not notice!

I used a navy sateen that wrinkles a fair bit, but is not as noticeable in real life as the pictures, or I am choosing to ignore it! 

I like this dress a lot and find it is good to wear to work, not super corporate but dressy enough for the office. It is also easy to chuck on a bright coloured cardi and shoes to make it more cheerful. It is already on high rotation.

Here’s my fun little addition though, secret stripey pockets! I love that mostly I am the only one who know I have these. Well, except for when I go round saying “check out my fun pockets!” 😀


  • The scoop back
  • Princess seams
  • pockets!
  • Versatility, this is a great basic dress pattern which I can see me using again and again


Changes for next time:

  • reduce some of the excess in the upper bust width
  • Try the next cup size down for comparison

All in all I think this pattern has big potential to become my next TNT. 

So now back to my train trip, only 2 hours to go and I’ll be back in Vienna in time for my flight back to Australia tonight.  I’ll bore you with some photos on my next post but for now, here I am at a rooftop cafe on a gorgeous sunny day in Graz during a break from the competition.


5 thoughts on “V8998 Navy workhorse dress

  1. Lovely dress, navy is my favourite dark colour. I’m curious about what you wear when judging the ice skating? How many layers do you have? What fabrics do you wear, and, do you have a heater pointed at your toes?

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