Vintage Simplicity 4525

Inspired by the Vintage Pledge of 2015, I thought I would continue into this year by making up some more of my patterns. It has been stinking hot here recently and I desperately needed to make a new sundress as last year’s ones either don’t fit any more or I’m no longer in longer in love with them or quite the opposite and I’ve worn them to death!

Time for a new dress (it’s always time for a new dress though right?)!!

Searching through my patterns I found this little treasure I’ve been wanting to make for a while, vintage Simplicity 4525 from sometime during the 40s.

S4525 - 1

You will note my copy is for a 32″ bust, which I definitely am not!  To “grade” this, I first tissue fit the pattern i.e. held it up to my body in the mirror. I could see it needed to add extra at the centre and definitely some more at the sides. I ended up cutting the front bodice and yoke 1″ from the fold, with a 2″ seam allowance on the sides. The back I also cut with a 2″ side seam allowance.

S4525 - 3

This method seems to have worked beautifully, the fit pretty good and required only a little tweaking at the side seams for fit.  I didn’t overfit as I wanted the dress to be looser fitting to be a little cooler in our sticky summers.

S4525 - 5

The back buttons are ridiculous! How the heck is anyone supposed to do them up, I certainly am not fancy/rich enough to have a lady’s maid nor am I so flexible to do them myself. I made the buttons functional but also added a side zipper so I could get dressed on my own!

S4525 - 4

You will also note I left off the sash ties.  I did have them on originally, however hubby dearest didn’t like them as you could see the reverse of the fabric which being white stood out. I couldn’t double them over as the seersucker I used for the dress was too stiff.

I love the pockets, they are huge!!  I did debate the addition of rick rack, but felt combined with the polka dots it might all be a bit twee.  I am happy with this decision.

S4525 - 6

I really enjoyed making this dress, it’s so different from sewing a modern pattern. The cover artwork is lovely, the instructions comprehensive and well illustrated and as with almost all vintage patterns there are extra design details which make the garment a bit different.

I’m already thinking about making a navy version with white trim for a nautical look.

PS – this already counts towards my self-imposed pledge to make at least 5 vintage patterns this year (even though the vintage pledge hasn’t been announced for 2016 yet!)

20 thoughts on “Vintage Simplicity 4525

  1. Oh I admire this dress. I really like the back button detail but agree – I would never be able to do them up on my own – I struggle enough with zips!! I’m very jealous of your lovely sunny pics – it is freezing here in the uk and Sumner can’t cone soon enough. Enjoy the sunshine! Holly x

    1. It is super hot here right now, but normal for our summer, we have a mild winter too. I’m heading to France in a couple of weeks, no doubt the climate change will be a shock to my system!!

  2. I am so impressed with your grading skills! I have many 32 and 34 vintage patterns I love but just don’t use for me because of the sizing- thankfully I can use them for my daughters BUT, I am encouraged that it can be done! Love the color and the dress… You look great out there! Perfect for summer!

    1. I’m not sure it’s really grading per se, however the large seam allowance trick does work to an extent. Mostly I use bust 34″ as that is my upper bust measurement, I then do a fba from there and it’s all good. Normally it’s recommended to buy based on high bust measurements

  3. Such fun dress, great vintage match with the fabric (matches your phone case no?) and very sensible adding the side zip. Perfect for this week, it’s finally summer here ;o)

  4. Your dress is gorgeous! What’s not to love about red and white polka dots?! Also, the secret side zip on a button back is genius.

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