The Bird Massacre Top aka Sutton Blouse

Confession #1 this isn’t my first Sutton Blouse, I made another one before this, but there was a bit of a saga…

Sutton Blouse 1

I printed the pattern at work (we all do that right? It’s like a staff perk!), however little did I realise for the first time ever the printer scaled the pattern to (I think) 120% ish. Of course I didn’t figure this out until the blouse was cut out and sewn together.  At the first try on, I realized I had inadvertently made a nightie.  Much “grading” and adjustments later I made it into a wearable garment. I figured there was no point sharing it as it’s not accurate to the pattern. Besides it’s boring plain white, and this one has birds on it!!

Sutton Blouse 2

This version, my Bird Massacre top, is from the now corrected pattern pieces. Confession #2 – I was too lazy to re-print them, but I am now happy with this version.

The fabric is from Spotlight and is sold as “polyester that feels like silk”. I agree it does feel lovely and floaty and it’s not scary to wash at all so that’s a bonus.

I used a bias trim for the neckline, seams and sleeve trim.

Sutton Blouse 3

You might have noticed I have a different location for these pics – following Gillian’s quest for better blog pictures, I thought I’d try some indoors. Mostly because it is too flipping hot to wear pants and closed in shoes outside!!

Sutton Blouse 4

Here’s me looking nonchalant 😉 Bwahaha!

This is a great little versatile top and is a great length to wear with jeans/pants. There will definitely be more as it’s quite a wardrobe staple.

Confession #3 – many birds were slaughtered in the making of this top!

17 thoughts on “The Bird Massacre Top aka Sutton Blouse

  1. What a shame you had such a struggle with this pattern. It looks great on you and I love that fabric.
    Your sentence ‘I printed the pattern at work (we all do that right? It’s like a staff perk!)’ my me smile, because it is so true! I do it too – I confess.

  2. What a great top! It looks lovely on you; and being washable while feeling like silk sounds excellent! Love your photos in the new indoor location too – they look like professionally taken pictures!

  3. Our printing is tracked! So no printing at work for me.
    I guess these are swallows but they do say ‘a murder of crows’ which is also kind of perfect!
    Lovely top. I’m so envious of all the sewing you have been doing lately!

  4. Sadly, no work printing for me because it’s all recorded. Spoil sports!! I could do with it though, because my stupid printer has just ran out of ink when I was printing the new Sew Over It Tulip skift pattern. Anyway, your top is fab, and I love your photos.

  5. My printer at home broke and I haven’t replaced it, but I’m lucky to have an officeworks very close that opens late, and if I a pattern comes in large format I’m so happy. Anyway, great top, would be hard not to chop a few birds up, they’re big!

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