Sunny Southport

I have been super busy sewing lately in preparation for a couple of holidays. Does anyone else do that? I always feel like I have to have something new for any trip – on the flip side, it does mean I spend very little time looking at the shops when I’m away and more time seeing the sights.

I made my first True Bias Southport dress about 3 weeks ago, prior to heading to the Great Barrier Reef for the weekend. It’s much hotter in the north and so a light rayon dress was in order.  I love this dress, it’s so easy to wear, it’s one of those great chuck it on dresses. 

This is a super quick make, with no tricky closures. I made the placket front, but didn’t bother with actual buttonholes, I just sewed the buttons on through both layers. Easy and less worry about any potential gaping.  For me, I found the armholes to be a little big and I get a little bra flashing, but really there are bigger things in life to worry about, I’m still wearing it. I found the fit to be easy and didn’t do an FBA, although did cut a larger size for the front. As usual for me, I cut two sizes smaller in the shoulders. I think I will alter this one to take the hem up another inch or so, not much, but a touch above my knees (I can’t remember if I cut the pattern length or not).

I used a nice flowy rayon from Spotlight’s boho range, it is so nice to wear and doesn’t crease as much as other rayons I’ve used previously.

This is a great travel sundress and the drawstring means it is perfect for all that eating that just seems to happen when travelling!

I have already made a top version of this pattern and have a couple more dresses planned, although the weather is starting to cool down in Brisbane so I either need to start thinking about winter sewing….or I need to plan holidays to warm places!

PS – I’m in Hawaii right now, so probably shouldn’t be thinking about more holidays! 😉

11 thoughts on “Sunny Southport

  1. Yay! I never see Cairns featured on a sewing blog. I cycle past this mosaic shell a few times a week! The perfect backdrop to the perfect dress for tropical living.

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