Elisalex v3

What can I say, I love this pattern! Universally flattering, easy to fit and a classic versatile design. Of course I refer to Elisalex by indie pattern makers By Hand London.

By Hand London Elisalex

This is my third version of this dress (previous versions here and here), but my first sleeveless version.

I had a party to go to this weekend and the theme was ‘Black and White Cocktail’. What perfect excuse to roll out this favourite pattern again?

Construction wise I don’t have much to say as it went together just like my previous versions. Although, for some reason I had a small issue with the back gaping a little, nothing major, but enough to bother me. I didn’t really want to take any fabric out so I resolved this by running a little elastic along the edge to gently pull it in.  You can see in the photo below that there some small gathers, but when I am standing and moving this flattens out. I suspect some more stay stitching along this edge might prevent this in future.

By Hand London Elisalex

The fabric is a delightful black heavy polyester blend from my favourite treasure house of gorgeous fabrics, Alannah Hill, and bought during the recent shopping expedition as part of Frocktails in Melbourne. It is a stunning fabric, but not without its woes. It was a pain to work with, frayed a lot and has absolutely no “give” at all. This has resulted in a slightly more fitted dress than my previous versions, but I don’t mind this so much. Being a cocktail dress I didn’t expect to be slouching around and so pretty much zero ease is ok.


The fabric is much stiffer than my that used in my previous versions and initially I found the skirt to stick out too much. After a call for help on twitter, and taking some  advice from my fellow sewists, I took the seams in another 1″ on each side, resulting in the skirt being less voluminous!

By Hand London Elisalex

I must warn you now – I have made a fourth Elisalex, which I will share with you soon 🙂  What can I say? I really love this pattern!