Colour me surprised!

Well blow me down with a feather, I was so adamant that the shift dress was not for me. That it would be unflattering, shapeless, I won’t go on.  But with some forceful encouragement from Marjorie, I decided to make the Inari Dress.


Lo and behold, I love it! (I have since made two more, but I will share them at a later stage).

There are some a couple of things to watch with this pattern – it is short.  I didn’t make any changes to the length and it is pretty short, especially at the side splits when you sit down. Also the way the fit is across the shoulders, when I lift my arms up it is positively scandalously short! As my Dad used to say, you can see what I had for breakfast!! 😀


I made this using a shibori linen from Spotlight. It is buttery soft and oh so cool to wear – a summer must! The fabric was ridiculously marked down to about $10 total for the dress – who doesn’t love a bargain?!!

This is a super quick make, there are really only four seams, sleeves to set in, finish the hem, neck and sleeves and you’re done!  Fit wise, I used the 42 for the shoulders and graded out to a 46 for the hips and I am very happy with the fit, I didn’t even do an FBA, yep super lazy I know I probably should but it seemed to work (and really, cutting smaller shoulder has a very similar result).


I love the high-low hem, like a mullet without being one. I am also loving how the side seams wrap to the front. Somehow, it does something clever to the way it hangs and makes it less sack-like. Can you tell I am an instant fan? I really did think this was another one of those blog fads that would wear off, but I can now see why this dress is so popular.


Dammit, I hate being wrong!!  Yay for the freedom of sewing though and being able to try new things.

Kielo Dress aka Stepping out of my box

In my last post I said I was keen to experiment with some new silhouettes, the idea of the Kielo dress has been heavily playing on my mind. I figured the only remedy would be to give it a go…so without further ado.


This appears to be my Blue Steel look

So what do you think? I really like it. Yes it is different from what I normally wear, but then again what is wrong with a little variety?

I was not drawn to this when it first came out, it wasn’t until I saw Donna‘s at the Brisbane Meetup last weekend that I saw how it should look. Hers is stylish, wearable and classic – the one on the pattern promo? hmmm…nuff said.


I have a couple of gripes about the download. First, the downloads are divided into groups containing two sizes each. In essence this might be fine , however I wanted to use two sizes from different printouts, slightly annoying, and what about those people that are three sizes?

I ended up using the size 44 as I didn’t want it too clingy with my fabric choice of a slinky knit. You can see this has resulted in the shoulders being wider than the pattern intends, however I don’t mind this as it is better for bra strap coverage.

The other gripe is that once the pattern is printed out and stuck together it still has to be traced off as the pieces are overlapped like the Burda magazine patterns. I guess this is the payoff for only having 16 sheets to stick together. Fine if you are used to tracing your patterns though. Me, I am normally a serial cutter!!


I used a gorgeous soft sea-foam knit bought expressly for the purpose from East Coast Fabrics. It feels amazing to wear, is soft on one side and slinkier on the other. I sewed the slinky side in so that I can layer in winter over tights. I can picture it with a black long sleeve top under, opaque tights and boots.

The whole project was sewn together with the lightning bolt stitch and all hemming on the coverstitch machine. It is a pretty quick project to put together especially as there is no fitting to worry about. Just sew, wrap and go!!

What I really like about this dress is the versatility. Below, looping the ties around one another and then tied in the back.


Or, and my favourite super loungy way to wear it:


My alterations:
– shortened the bodice by 1″ (the pattern says it is designed for someone 5’8″)
– took the length up to knee length

Sometimes it is fun to mix it up a bit and try new things. I really enjoyed this make, it was different and it was fun to see how it would look on me being so much curvier and shorter than the pattern model or Donna.  Yay for experimenting!

Pattern – Kielo Dress by Named Clothing
Fabric – 2m knit from East Coast Fabrics
Notions – thread from my stash