Colour me surprised!

Well blow me down with a feather, I was so adamant that the shift dress was not for me. That it would be unflattering, shapeless, I won’t go on.  But with some forceful encouragement from Marjorie, I decided to make the Inari Dress.


Lo and behold, I love it! (I have since made two more, but I will share them at a later stage).

There are some a couple of things to watch with this pattern – it is short.  I didn’t make any changes to the length and it is pretty short, especially at the side splits when you sit down. Also the way the fit is across the shoulders, when I lift my arms up it is positively scandalously short! As my Dad used to say, you can see what I had for breakfast!! 😀


I made this using a shibori linen from Spotlight. It is buttery soft and oh so cool to wear – a summer must! The fabric was ridiculously marked down to about $10 total for the dress – who doesn’t love a bargain?!!

This is a super quick make, there are really only four seams, sleeves to set in, finish the hem, neck and sleeves and you’re done!  Fit wise, I used the 42 for the shoulders and graded out to a 46 for the hips and I am very happy with the fit, I didn’t even do an FBA, yep super lazy I know I probably should but it seemed to work (and really, cutting smaller shoulder has a very similar result).


I love the high-low hem, like a mullet without being one. I am also loving how the side seams wrap to the front. Somehow, it does something clever to the way it hangs and makes it less sack-like. Can you tell I am an instant fan? I really did think this was another one of those blog fads that would wear off, but I can now see why this dress is so popular.


Dammit, I hate being wrong!!  Yay for the freedom of sewing though and being able to try new things.